¡viva las vegOs!

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Blog of Team IN FAVOR of Vegas move!

Orioles live in west as well as East! Park of Blog of Team at Camden Yards will have suitor in no time and Angelos dolts can play penny slots in Nevada to further poverty complexes!

Maryland can lure TEAM OF JETER or TEAM OF TAMPA to Baltimore. Put crab on hat and call them Baltimore Claws / Baltimore Blue Claws / Baltimore Blues or SOME VARIATION THEREOF and win World Series!

Also Blog of Team couldn’t help but notice that even though Radio Station of Team pulled down Vegas report, nobody actually came out and said it’s not true!

This blog here can only bring itself to say that “there doesn’t seem to be anything out there to corroborate any of it.” Except, Blog of Team wonders, why would local lawyer just invent something of that caliber. Likely there is at least a little flame at the heart of the Boogsmoke!

Also who are dolts saying Blog of Team defunct?!? Blog of Team saw little to say after destruction at hands of Kansas City. Dolt bloggers writing about WAR and park-adjusted horse poop lol. Stultuss maximums, dolts.

Bolg of Team may as well give assessment of current roster while pudating fandom on Team of Blog’s coming move to Vegas: Nice bunch of young men. If rebuild goes well couple two three of these guys will be part of resurgence!

it’s nOt mystic. it’s a certainty

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What’s All the Cub-bub About: Cubs are dead. In ground already. Pile on the dirt
Blog of Quatnumz: Hmmmm. Let Blog say like this: Blog saw where Arrieta got tired of shitting on old Team. And commenced shitting on new team. Bad juju. Got to play da gamez tho
What’s All the Cub-bub About: Bumgarner lurking for Game 3
Blog of Quatnumz: Don’t look at me m*therf*cker!
What’s All the Cub-bub About: He’s a crazy man
Blog of Quatnumz: Blows a lot of snot blasts out of nostrils. Re: Wild Card games, for all the talk about managing, it was 3-run dongs that told tale. “Earl Weaver Specials” as some folks call ’em
What’s All the Cub-bub About: Timely dong shots
What’s All the Cub-bub About: Cubs aren’t cursed by mystical forces, but they are subject to certain laws. Laws like gravity. And one of the laws is that they cannot win the World Series
Blog of Quatnumz: Cubtrino particles flowing from the Sun (Times). It’s physics is what it is
What’s All the Cub-bub About: Precisely. They are not cursed any more than a ball rolling toward the edge of a table. It’s not mystic. It’s a certainty
Blog of Quatnumz: Well just pretend it’s baseball games. Baseball is fun. Enjoy the ride

jOe girardi is a galactic dimwit

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Donny Baseballs: Wait are these f*cktards really talking about banning shifts? I came in late on this idiotic narrative
Blog of Justice: God Blog hates them
Donny Baseballs: Like, the fuck?
Blog of Justice: Richard Neer on WFAN is the dolt-est of the dolts. He is a true flowing river of idiocy
They’ll stop shifting real quick if you do that for a week
Blog of Justice: They want off-sides in baseball! Soon the shift will be gone, and the DH will be in the NL, and baseball will be ruined. Where are you seeing this?
Donny Baseballs: Here  and here
Blog of Justice: So the Yankee manager with sixteen DH’s who only pull, and the shyte pull hitter, want to ban the shift
Donny Baseballs: On the team stacked with lefties because their dumb stadium has a 280-foot fence in right
Blog of Justice: You can’t just ban stuff you don’t like. Act like a man not a mouse. Such a pathetic sense of entitlement  It’s just selfish rationalization. That’s the worst part
Donny Baseballs: One thing baseball has going for is the main rules have remained unchanged for like 130 years. Small changes here and there, equipment changes, mound changes, contact changes — but limiting where players can go on the field is insane
Blog of Justice: How do you enforce that rule anyway?
Donny Baseballs: Right? If someone takes off toward the right of second base mid-pitch, is that a dead play now?
Blog of Justice: Idiocy
Make your views as public as possible. Baseball watches and decides based on fan reax to stuff like this.
Know what the Yanks didn’t want to ban? Steroids! Torre looked the other way for a decade. Now their fokkin’ shyte new stadium is half empty and they’re saddled with bad contracts and they’re blaming the shift!
Donny Baseballs: Yeah it’s retarded
Game is evolving in super fun ways, and shifts are a huge part of it. Advanced shifting is way more responsible for the    increased pitching stats over the past few years than just some miraculous improvement in pitching
Blog of Justice: Anyone who doesn’t like the shift simply doesn’t deserve to be called a fan.
They can go watch soccer and bring their off-sides whistles

2k15 divisiOnal preview – AL East

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Baltimore comes back strong. Boston is looking to knock ’em down a peg.

Baltimore Orioles – If a three-run homer is an Earl Weaver special, then a one-year deal is a Dan Sandwich. The Os refused to pay power-hitting Nellie Cruz the going rate, nor would they pay to re-sign Nick Markakis. But bargain-shopping, text-messaging executive Dan Duquette may have found a short-term answer for right field with Travis Snider, who by all lights is motivated to use his Oriolesque deal as a springboard. Of course, if he does, he’ll move on in 2016 to a team that doesn’t underpay. Anyway, even if Team of Blog gives back some production because of perennial chintz, they likely still have power to spare. Baltimore also features a talented bullpen, a strong defense, an unheralded-but-effective starting rotation and a great motivator for a manager. Has Manny Machado finally put the injury woes and attitude issues behind him? Don’t Schleep on Jon Schoop neither.

Boston Red Sox – The free-spending, free-agent happy BoSox bolted together quite the Frankenteam this year, plugging Hanley Ramirez into a left field situation behind Pablo Sandoval at third base and buying/trading for starting pitching. If you’re a Sawx fan, the best thing about the spring so far has to be the lack of injuries. That bodes well but their season is difficult to predict. They could finish first; they could finish last. It’s great to see MLB finally crack down on fat David Ortiz’s between-pitch wanderings. Is he looking for a bag of BBQ-flavor pork rinds in the on-deck circle? What’s he even doing? Maybe next year baseball can do something about Peedy’s annoying eye-stretches.

New York Yankees – If injuries don’t fell this aging group of mercenaries en masse then they could be pretty good. Free agents Jacoby Ellsbury and Chris Capuano already are sporting the kind of strains that tend to yield unimpressive seasons. C.C. Sabathia and Masahiro Tanaka are both sort of not hurt yet but give them some time. Also C.C. is getting lit up this spring. Alex Rodriguez is not hurt (yet) either but everyone hates him including the skipper so that’s weird. Will Andrew Miller end up in the closer role over fan favorite Dellin Betances? Mark Teixeira and Brian McCann are having productive and healthy springs so they could help keep the Yanks on track – uhhhh – if they don’t get hurt. But they’re going to get hurt so.

Tampa Bay Rays – Their pitching has been depleted by injury and, in the case of Alex Colome, by pneumonia. They also got rid of their Molina. And Molinas tend to help teams get into the playoffs. But time waits not even for the stoutest Molina. Lots of young guys are going to be feeling their way here along with a new manager, Kevin Cash, who replaces the fabled Joe Maddon. Cash will field a dearth of talent at key positions and isn’t likely to be able to replicate the Rays’ recent successes. Would they trade Evan Longoria and his team-friendly contract if the right talent were made available? Blog can envision scenariOs where this could happen.

Toronto Blue Jays – What’s the point of signing Russell Martin if you have a productive, switch-hitting catcher in Dioner Navarro? Same question re: Justin Smoak and Edwin Encarnacion at first base. Navarro is asking to be traded and – oh! – lots of injuries. The Blue Jays are squandering the window of opportunity that Jose Bautista represents.

Predicted order of finish:
Red Sox *
Blue Jays

* wild card mix

2k15 divisiOnal preview – AL Central

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This is a tough division to handicap. Cleveland is making it tougher. Blog had to think about this one for an extra day or two.

Chicago White Sox – They’ve had a strong winter by addition (Adam LaRoche, Melky Cabrera, David Robertson at closer) and by subtracting basepath- and roster-cloggers. Chris Sale’s spring injury was a downer but the recent news is promising. If Sale gets right they should be in the mix in September. Can Micah Johnson hold onto the starting job at second base? If things go well you won’t hear about tension between LaRoche and Jose Abreu. Both of those guys expect start in the field against both lefties and righties. But the combination gives the team intriguing options.

Cleveland Indians – Blog loves addition of Brandon Moss to this lineup. They apparently don’t trust starting pitchers over 30 (if you don’t count Gavin Floyd and Bruce Chen, who are more or less irrelevant anyway). Very Woodstock. There are so many live arms on this squad that it’s hard to imagine a broad-based failure. But it’s possible. Some of them seem like knuckleheads to be 100 percent candid. So that could be a challenge for “players’ manager” Terry Francona. Can Cory Kluber repeat his otherworldly performance from 2014?

Detroit Tigers – They have done a great job staying competitive year upon year. Will the Yankees regret the three-team trade that saw starter Shane Greene go to Detroit? One is tempted to say success depends upon Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez staying healthy but with so much talent — Yoenis Cespedes, J.D. Martinez and Jose Iglesias in particular — Blog thinks the two old hands can play loose and sit more often.

Kansas City Royals – The 89-win Powder Blues regained consciousness Oct. 21 after winning eight straight playoff games and let the Giants out-grind them in the World Series. But to Blog the offseason body of work doesn’t inspire confidence. Free agents Alex Rios and Kendrys Morales don’t separate what has been a power-challenged offense. That job will have to fall to their trio of young stars Eric Hosmer, Alex Gordon and Mike Moustakas. Is Yordano Ventura good enough to lead a major league rotation? He might be, especially given their otherworldly bullpen. No starter here is likely to crack 200 innings this year.

Minnesota Twins – Uhhh. They’ve got some guys but Blog doesn’t really see Torii Hunter and Ervin Santana as the tickets back to the top of this tough division. What do people think about Hunter’s Hall of Fame chances? Blog guesses he’s kind of on the outside looking in. But, to paraphrase the departed Harold Ramis, Blog is willing to learn. You have to like them for last place again barring some kind of injury implosion by a division rival.

Predicted order of finish:
Indians *
White Sox *

* wild card mix

2k15 divisiOnal preview – AL West

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Houston Astros – They seem confused about whether they’re still in full rebuild/tank mode or whether they’re in some kind of hybrid tank mode. Confusion wouldn’t be too surprising given well-documented off-season turmoil. Trading Dexter Fowler brought back a potentially viable starter in Dan Straily but also blocked young Matt Dominguez from getting more experience at third base by bringing in Luis Valbuena. The baffling signing of Colby Rasmus clogs an outfield full of seemingly comparable guys. Looking forward to watching another year of the young starting trio of Dallas Keuchel, Collin McHugh and Brett Oberholtzer. Can they field two All-Stars this year? Jose Altuve and Keuchel?

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim – The Angels wear red, which is the devil’s hue. So that’s weird. They used to have Brad Fullmer. That’s super weird. They exist in a quantum netherworld in which they purport to represent two cities at once. Just really weird here. They don’t talk about the left fielder and the thing. They talk about the center fielder who is a fresh-faced guy and hasn’t begun to sulk yet. And they talk about that even fresher-faced guy in right field to boot. And they talk about that other guy who is a great, great ballplayer over at first base who by all reports is ready to continue his assault on the 3,000-hit club. They also got pitchers. And they made good trades for infielders and don’t have to worry about losing the guy with the cop moustache who signed with the L.A. Dodgers. Will C.J. Wilson stink again?

Oakland Athletics – They had trouble with their late-inning relief last year. So, after a series of interlocking deals worthy of a Chapter 11 case, they seem to have slotted Tyler Clippard in behind putative closer Sean Doolittle. But Doolittle is hurt – among other spring gimps – so we’ll see. Meanwhile they also traded for a promising starter named Jesse Hahn, traded away All-Star first baseman Brandon Moss and gave fan-favorite outfielder Sam Fuld a job. Since this is Oakland, ground zero for self-aggrandizing baseball stat onanism, Blog will ask: Is Sonny Gray going to regress? BONUS QUESTION: Is Ike Davis going to clog the sensitive stadium plumbing?

Seattle Mariners – Last year’s 87-win vintage is bringing back a strong pitching staff and last year’s deadline acquisition Austin Jackson. And it massively upgraded its putrid DH situation with premier AL batsman Nellie Cruz. Some of their lesser-known guys, your Kyle Seagers and your Dustin Ackleys and your Logan Morrisons, are poised to make big contributions. Can starter James Paxton stay healthy? They’re going to be good. Blog is thinking they and the Angels will drive each other toward high win totals as they both seek to stave off a wild-card berth.

Texas Rangers – They’re better off with a healthy Derek Holland and a healthy Prince Fielder. Baseball is better off too. Those guys are fun. The Rangers were ravaged by an historic tide of injury last year and already have suffered the loss of Yu Darvish this spring. Even so maybe there’s enough here for them to hang around if nobody else gets hurt and if guys like Colby Lewis and Yovani Gallardo outperform their track records. Blog sees ’em as pack middle. Can young Texas draftee Ryan Rua win and hold the left field gig?

Predicted order of finish:
Angels *

* wild card