what team hath wrOught

Posted in octOber, washingtOn, win cOlumn on September 16th, 2014 by The Wayward O

If Team wins World Series, Blog will re-dedicate itself to actual wayward orioles as opposed to figuratively Wayward Orioles.

Image via MASN

The bunting is up. Captain Nicky will actually be playing in the post-season (C.C. Sabathia broke his wrist in 2012) and this vintage has pitching and a lot of heart.

They say the O’s haven’t clinched at home since 1969. So this really is a special night.

Congrats to the Washington Nationals, too.

tell yOu what

Posted in octOber on September 13th, 2014 by The Wayward O

Are the Orioles more talented? Do they play harder? Do they have the right mix? Does the manager just know how to bring out the best in people? The answers are not really clear.

But Team is destroying the AL East this year.

Image via Daily News

Are we worried about Chris Davis? Are we worried about Matt Wieters? Are we worried about Manny Mach? How about JJ Hardy and his gimpy back?

Are we too shell-shocked from three decades of failure to realize what a talented pitching corps we’re blessed with?

Tell you what, fans of Team: It’s too late to worry. We’re before the fickle Gods of October now and only they shall dictate our fate.

it’s usually trOuble

Posted in machadO on August 11th, 2014 by The Wayward O

Hate to see Manny going down with another knee injury.

Image via MASN

That didn’t look good. Hopefully just a pull or twist. But it didn’t look good. If you can’t stand back up, even gingerly, it’s usually trouble.*

* Right knee sprain? Well that’s vaguely not the worst news possible!


Posted in the rOster on July 27th, 2014 by The Wayward O

From Thursday night. Do you think Delmon saw this one?

Image via Root Sports

That still – the way his eyes have lit up – kills me. Here’s the video. If ever there was an example of a bad breaking ball keying every atavistic synapse in a hitter’s spinal column, that was it.

Going for a sixth win today in Seattle with a five wins under Team’s belt on a 10-game road trip through three contending cities? Check. Holding off the Yankees, who have been facing bad teams in their haven for cheap home runs? Check.

Buck’s ability to get Team to handle business on West Coast is nothing short of fantastic.