the critics rave

wayward oriole woke up early. he heard birds chirping and saw may sunshine. then reality hit a few moments later… DID. That. HAPPEN????

yes. yes it did.

wayward oriole could not go back to sleep. so he took a spin around the internet just to see how the mother’s day massacre resonated with bloggers, players, managers, and writers:

“Jeremy Guthrie probably should have stayed in” — ap wire’s game recap, lead sentence

“Guthrie had thrown 91 pitches and given up only three hits. The Red Sox were certainly happy to see him go.” — jeff zrebiec, baltimore sun writer

“what if Guthrie had given up a 420-foot out? That would have been OK?” — bob ryan, boston globe story

“…we had no chance” — david ortiz, on jeremy guthrie’s performance

“I’m glad he got taken out” — kevin youkilis, on perlozzo’s decision to pull guthrie

“I’ve been reluctant to criticize Perlozzo too harshly … you have to lay the blame for this one squarely on his shoulders.”the loss column

“I really feel terrible for Guthrie.”kevin millar

“Unconscionable …”

“There is no adequate English for what I saw last night.”

“They deserve a playoff worthy manager”

“I never think it’s the manager. Today … it is.”

“Perlozzo said he would have made the same decision again … That is a cause for concern, there should be a learning curve somewhere.”

“Perlozzo … has no business running a major league baseball team”

“Normally I’m not the guy calling for anyone to get fired … Sorry Sam”

“As soon as I saw Perlozzo come out of the dugout, God as my witness, I said, ‘We’re going to lose this game. You watch. … Ask my mother-in-law: that’s what I said.”

“Second-rate management”
— commenters on Kubatko’s Balt. Sun blog and Camden Chat

and, last but not least:

“Game should have been over”orioles manager sam perlozzo


and lest, dear reader, you think wayward oriole is cherry picking, wayward oriole sought comment from those who did not think perlozzo is to blame. there were a few — and far between — but what they offered were essentially two points: hindsight is clear and it’s more angelos than anything else. not really, but even so that doesn’t negate any of the above.

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