sO many questions

wayward O went to Outers Bankses for vacations. there were many waves, grilled meats and pretty girls in bikinis. Os did not technically lose single game while wayward O took summer hiatus from grind of life! sure they losed silly ‘suspended game’ but loss counts for june 28. and they had decency to wait until wayward O was back in big apple to lose yesterday.

if you are Orioles fan and don’t like to miss ballgames, and still wish to avoid family strife, outer banks is place for you. Outer Bankses has MASN baseball network on cable television! if there is day game you can say “my tummer hurts” and run back to beach house to sneak in innings while children frolic in surf. not that wayward O has childrens he knows of.

anyway, time on beach looking at stars and god’s creations brings so many questions about Orioles to wayward O’s mind, such as:

question One: what if entire yankee team were swapped for entire Orioles team?

this is a hypothetical question but friend of wayward O insisted wayward O give answer. wayward O would have slighly MORE TROUBLE rooting for damon, the traitor, clemens, etc. than he would rooting for current orioles squad wearing pinstripes. but wayward O could not stomach yelling “lets go yankees!” so if such an unlikely scenario came to pass wayward O would probably just root for NEW YORK METS. wayward O follows mets pretty close-like here in NYC and they have nice team with all prerequsites wayward O requires: good manager, good free agent signings and promising young players. simple, no?

question two: have orioles finally turned corner?

dare we hope that post all-star team is the team we can expect to see for next 18 months? they sure look like a good team. wayward O never found himself regretting john maine trade more than he did this past week, however. answer … could be maybe. hopefully.

question three: could wayward O be any more tired of cal ripken hype?


question four: is trembley da man?

two weeks ago, wayward O gave qualified ‘maybe’ as answer; now it feels more like qualified ‘yes.’

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