chemical bankees

yes, it’s true: every team is guilty. but some teams are GUILTIER THAN OTHERS. but don’t take it from Wayward O, who is clearly biased. what follows are words and images from NYC and national sports media:

“The Yankees haven’t won a championship since 2000. That championship appears to be chemically enhanced.” – Len Berman, Channel 4 Sports, NYC. 13 December 6:21 pm

AM New York

“It was a depressing day for the Yankees, whose sustained run of success was smudged by the revelations.”Jack Curry, New York Times

Metro New York

“Many of the proudest moments in New York’s baseball history will have to be reassessed …” Nicholas Wapshott, New York Sun

Daily News

“There were Yankees everywhere in this report, enough of them to taint their run a bit in the late 1990s and early 2000s.”Filip Bondy, Daily News


“You might as well call it the Clemens report.”Tom Verducci, Sports Illustrated

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