mark teixeira hasn’t signed anywhere yet. he’s busy soaking teams for a couple extra million despite fact that orioles have offered him:

chance to be star in his home town
more money than he’ll ever be able to spend

but — you know — like they say on camdenchat — IT’S NOT HIS FAULT! just like it wasn’t the traitor’s fault for, you know, taking that extra couple million to play for the enemy!

after all, if one restaurant owner offers you cheesecake after dinner but another offers you CHEESECAKE, CREME BRULEE, ICE CREAM and BAKED ALASKA ….. OF COURSE YOU WILL EAT THEM ALL. it makes perfect sense!

if peter angelos doesn’t want to pay a patently ridiculous sum, maybe someone else will. and it’s all HIS FAULT.

how can you blame mark for not taking 7 yrs/$140 million to play for his favorite team? that would be crazy … he is blameless wayward O is sure.

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