a nice place tO get thumped in

Wayward O went up to new Yankee Stadium last night and told ticket guy, “I’d like something in $50 range, I guess that’s the terrace section.”

Ticket guy said, “I’ve got one for $5.”

And Wayward O said, “Scuse me?”

Anyway so you can get cheap seat at the House of Two.

Wind Tunnel

It was also hat night. Again … pretty good for $5! Wayward O gave it to kid on Subway Train on way home. Wayward O has no use for Yankee hat. Just holding it made Wayward O feel weird and queasy … kind of like how Frodo felt in Lord of Rings.

Early reports of stadium being “pin ball machine” — as guy behind Wayward O said after three consecutive right field jobs (two cheap, one legit) in 2nd inning against Jeremy Guthrie — are oh so very true.

The prevailing weather pours over walls that surround the stadium to west — near home plate — and then drops into jet stream that gets sucked out to center. The pennant flags in right fly inward toward CF, as do flags in left field. All that air funnels out via “Yankee Stadium” sign in center, hence wind conditions.

While usual gang of drunk, albeit happy, louts is in attendance, Yankees clearly have made efforts to make new place friendlier toward families and kids. Everywhere are customer service people holding “Can I help you?” signs. It’s almost as if old vibe has been temporarily given fresh coat of white paint.

But of course there were a couple fights and one bleacher creature was asked to depart premises.

Concourses are wide and clean and signage is serviceable though not fancy. There are inumerable beer stations. Which is good if you are fan of Team. Easy to drown sorrows, especially if you’re feeling flush, having saved $45 at gate.

Over years and decades, Wayward O guesses, New Stadium will take on beer-soaked veneer of the Old. And as courtesy brigade vanishes, so too will it take on vibe of old place. But still it is hard not to give place high marks.

Re game: Guthrie’s night Wayward O didn’t mind. He was hitting 95 on house radar gun, which normally he tops out around 94.

But soon enough umpire screwed him over, awarding walk to John Damon that sparked game’s first run.

Incidentally Wayward O got a laugh when Damon threw out Melvin Mora at 2nd base. Yankee fans were heard in stands to say, “Uh oh he’s testing Damon’s arm.” As if there is any rhyme or reason to Team’s never-ending penchant for making soft outs on base paths.

Also Guthrie definitely plunked A-Rod and Teixeira on purpose by accident.

But there was a general feebleness about Team last night — it has a lot to do with Robert Andino — and while there was some spirit and life as they clawed back to 5-3, Aubrey Huff’s fly out to medium deep CF with a man on and two out in the eighth was where all hope ended. That was Aubrey’s pitch but he got under it a little.

7 Responses to “a nice place tO get thumped in”

  1. Chris Says:

    The New York Yankees are the most boring team in baseball.

    Maybe in all of pro sports.

    Their “New” stadium has been open all of 10 weeks and Wayward can walk up and get a $5 seat.


  2. JoAnna Says:

    a nice place “…in which to get thumped…” —
    it avoids the nasty Yanqui split infinitive which we have come to know as important to their bizarre franchise.

  3. JoAnna Says:

    What, who is using my name??

  4. JoAnna Says:

    Probably some old man who should be cooking porkchops.

  5. Sponsort Says:

    “OLD MAN?” Who you callin’ “old.” BTW – chops are done.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Riveting read for this expat NY lout. Nice job. Hope you’ll join me for another visit late this summer, especially if you can secure five bux tix.

  7. JoAnna Says:

    Look here cW we are not here for your entertainment, we are here to time the chops….got any????