tejada hits 4-hOle?

ok so Team gets miguel tejada back, to play third, probably spell cesar izturis a few times at short and maybe dh every now and then.

miguel grounds into a lot of double plays, which is bad, yet he doesn’t strike out a lot. only 48 Ks in in 635 at bats last year and comparable numbers going back several years.

optimistically his home run total will tweak back up in camden with its section 80-82 porch, which miguel used to love. even if they don’t he’s gonna put ball in play and get his doubles.

given fact that luke scott and nicky are, ehm, not to be you know mean but, strikeout machines, maybe tejada hits cleanup.

to put it another way: who else is gonna do it?

if matt wieters turns into force this year perhaps he’s in four-hole by august. adam jones, too, has cleanup potential, but he’s real wild card at this point: mostly he has to stay healthy.

brian roberts
adam jones
nick markakis
miguel tejada
luke scott
matt wieters
felix pie / nolan reimold
garrett atkins
cesar izturis

incidentally it will be interesting to see if miguel gets pissy about number 10, which jones wears. tejada took that to houston. and since his Oakland uni number [4] is retired in Balto. because Earl wore it he can’t take that one either. early test for miguel, be cool about uni number!

oh and not that it was alive really in first place but adrian gonzalez deal is dead and he’s not coming to Baltzmo in trade now either. ok well it’s still possible but 92% less likely.

if Team signs erik bedard, meanwhile, starting five would look like:

kevin millwood
jeremy guthrie
brad bergesen
brian matusz

that’s wayyyy better than last year’s. there’s at least a 38.4% chance Team doesn’t end up in cellar again.

3 Responses to “tejada hits 4-hOle?”

  1. Chris Says:

    Rapture! Perhaps I will get an opportunity to have my (Son's) home run ball autographed.

  2. Sponsort Says:

    There's two problems lurking here. Any lineup wherein the 1st baseman is hitting 8th is dysfunctional. That's supposed to be a power position. Second, why do you want Chris Tillman's name to be spelled "Bedard." E.B. is a bad karma guy – a whiner and a slacker.

  3. the wayward o Says:

    well you are keen to notice how low our 1b lurks in the order and you couldn't be more correct. that's a MAJOR liability.

    as for bedard, that's just an if situation, really. but if he signs, he's no. 1.