every at-bat is a negOtiation

Blog is very full of Blogself today because Wayward O and managing editor [redacted] met Team President of Baseball Operations, Maj. Brig. Gen. Andrew MacPhail on Sunday at baseball place.

Here’s how it is, nerds…

Here’s what MacP. told bloggers:

  • don’t look for Adrian Gonzalez deadline trade
  • although Team could be seen making a free agency offer in event AG goes on market*
  • front office NOT 100% SOLD on Adam Jones yet and 2010 is crucial year for beloved CF
  • Team wants to rest dinged-up Brian Roberts, keep him off 10-day West Coast / Boston swing, hence DL likely**

MacP. also very focused on art of signing talent controlled by Team a) before free agent value goes through roof and b) after it’s clear talent is legit. He noted that, while some teams can afford to evaluate non-free agent talent for as long as 5 years, Team feels its window is about 3+ years. Reading between lines, it’s pretty clear this Season is Big One for Team and Adam Jones.

Team has plenty of dough, of course, and offer Jones gets will tell you what Andy & Co.’s verdict is with respect to long-term potential.

Sunday was nice day until Team gave away another lead and lost. Team is 1-5. Which is pretty bad. Team keeps leaving runs on board but pitching is wayyyy better. Of course if Offense doesn’t start finding way soon, pitching likely to collapse at some point.

* talent more prized than Team dollars right now
** this does NOT bode well for already ailing offense, which will have to find some kind of spark

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  1. Chris Says:

    Ty Wigginton? Carrying team? Or not……