left On base

DH! Get it???? DH?!?!?

Pensive hitters gets no hits
Image via MASN

OK Wayward O has heard MANY FAN COMPLAINTS about Robert Q. Dibble’s “analyses” and last night could kind of see why. Dibbs wants to have designated hitter in in NL, but just for Interleague Play.

Does he not see absurdity of position?

Blog is very nice happy time to see Mr. David Hernandez get win over cocky Nats pitcher who is unhittable except he gave up like 8 hits in first three innings last night.

Meanwhile winning pitcher DH left 7 men on in three ABs. That’s gotta be close to a … that’s gotta be some kind of … that’s definitely something.

How’s that slider Scott Olsen? Blog will tell you once baseball finally comes down.

Wayward O was amazed other night, after fan in Texas made nice catch in stands and Joe A. started talking about Rex Barney, to learn Mr. Barney’s Baseball Reference page had no sponsor.

How is that possible??? Blog is now sponsor!! But page might take day or two to update, sez baseball bible Web site’s auto email. Blog remembers many summer days as kid listening to Rex Barnschtein giving that fan a contract. RIP.

3 Responses to “left On base”

  1. brO Says:

    Thank yoooooooouuu.

  2. brO Says:

    Things get a little messy on the field and Dallas Braden completely loses composure. Maybe Geren needs to ‘splain to him that the other team is going to score on you occasionally and when it happens you can’t take your ball and go home.

    Jeremy Guthrie could teach him a few things about humility.

    What a maroon…..

    I loved the Patterson v. Patterson match up last night. The O’s have something good in Corey.

  3. the Wayward O Says:

    David Hernandez looks P!SS3D sitting in the bullpensky.