please hire bObby v.!

There was tiniest glimmer of hope for despondent diaspora yesterday as Sun Paper reported Bobby Valentine is interested in “challenge” of managing Team.

Hopefully there’s something to it. Because another night like Tuesday will be hard to take. And another night like Tuesday is all Team has to give. (No this is not Bruce Springsteen song.)

Making matters more painful last night was how Team’s hideous inability to compete with Yankees was thrown into stark relief last night by this guy…

Image via MASN

Nats game was electric. New pitcher was fierce. They even got the W. And the Ws on their home whites looked especially fancy somehow last night.

Friends of Team: Our road is rocky. Our hearts are low. Our bats are inept. And … well hiring┬áTop Step Bobby would be step in right direction. Trust Blog. He’s got Fire in Belly.

7 Responses to “please hire bObby v.!”

  1. Sponsort Says:

    .. and the sooner the better. Os are going to be losing some fans to the Nats if Strasburg continues to shine. There is now a big reason to go to DC for a game – not so much in Balto.

  2. the Wayward O Says:

    >Os are going to be losing some fans to the Nats

    It is true. Now that we have Internet, we get to read about all public defections.

  3. brO Says:

    Uncle Andy needs to go “buy some bats”. What this squad needs is a huge honkin galoot who galumphs up to the plate and swings a 40 oz black beauty. That’s what we need. Crush some frickin baseball into the summer gloom. It may not get us anywhere but it sure would feel good right about now……

    BTW it was good to see Eddie Murray in the booth last night with Palmer and Thorne. Eddie has an endearing way about him. I think he once said “Aw sheez….”

  4. Sean Says:

    Buying the Bat for the sake of buying is the reason that the O’s are currently a terrible mess.

  5. brO Says:

    We are 16-??. Can we puh-leeeeeeez buy a bat? Nice debut Jake Arietta!
    Luke Scott will be shinin’ the pine after that little oopsie triple. Not legging it out, then arguing his case to Juan Samuel with the MASN cameras rolling? Gary Thorne actually called it “Stupid”. I am in agree-ance……

  6. the Wayward O Says:

    Yeah, some of ’em just don’t seem to care when they lose.

  7. brO Says:

    Dempsey For Manager!!!!

    Demper! Manager! NOW!!!!!