lOl dc

Stop lyin’, DISTRICK of COLOMBIA!!

You love Team!!!!

K. Millwood’s 13th Loss is fourth-most read???

Didn’t NATS PLAY???

Yes. Yes they did.

It’s right there in, uh, you know, teh Washington Post.

Policy. Politics. Elections. Orioles. Four most important topics in Washington.

5 Responses to “lOl dc”

  1. victor Says:

    I’m always perplexed by the “website” option because I’m not literarily proliferant and, like men on the Internet, I assume everyone else is the same.

    Oh – is this thing on?

    Victor Frankenstein, ex McCoven.
    I lurk/troll the site and click on noms de plume for backstories, links, etc.
    Which brought me here.

    Full circle, I s’pose…born in Bethesda.

    Interesting blog!

    I’m a fan of casual and innovative speechform without the ridiculous Textspeak.

    THASS’ whatumsayin.

  2. brO Says:

    The 5th most popular story was “Dibble Short on Tattoo Covering MASN Grey Undershirts….”

    Cliff Lee on the bump at Oriole Park on Saturday.

  3. PBRmeASAP! Says:

    UhOh spaghetti O’s Roger Clemens! Suzyn Walman is left speechless upon hearing of the the most storied indictment in the history of indictments.

  4. the Wayward O Says:

    RAWgah Clemens is in the OWNAHS BAWX!!!

  5. brO Says:

    Ty Wigginton = Nugget.

    Yerrout! siddown!