luuuuke’s jOurney

When Blog spent long weekend in Sarasota this spring, Blog popped into Team clubhouse to get field pass on first day and, walking out, found itself standing next to Luke Scott on pathway.

“Oh yeesh,” Blog remembers thinking. “That guy!”

[Blog also remembers thinking: “Holy sh#t look at those forearms.”]

But watching Luke in Spring became a surprising source of hope. He was turning up his nose at low breaking pitches, he was flicking bat and turning outside pitches to left field instead of trying to pull everything — and he was still in possession of patented power stroke.

Compared to watching Parrot Fatkins, it was balm to nerves of Blog on Sarasota trip.

Luke’s honing of skills with bat has panned out. Stat that jumps out most for 2010 is batting average — a metric reviled by nerdOsphere yet indicative of  aforementioned honing.

And his OPS has climbed apace, while his walks have remained more or less constant, meaning, among other things, that his penchant for hits hasn’t diminished his power.

Last night, as Team sealed 13th straight losing season, Luke hit home run number 25, and Blog found itself thinking, “Well at least Team’s DH situation is set.”


Blog has even mitigated stance on Luke’s now-seemingly-shelved rants about guns and God, mainly because it’s become clear Luke is an introspective guy who cares about Teammates, keeps ego in check and is respected in clubhouse.

And, Blog knows, every now and then in life you gotta rant about SOMETHING.

Blog did have one question: Apparently Luke became enamored with a plastic monkey of late and may have traded some autographed balls to get it. Clue us in, Luke!

And feel better — Blog hopes foot isn’t broken or anything like that.  Here’s to you making run at 30 HRs these last few weeks.

3 Responses to “luuuuke’s jOurney”

  1. Sponsort Says:

    Nailing down the 2011 DH job would be a good thing for the team.
    Question: when did Bobby Valentine become a blond?

  2. PBRmeASAP! Says:

    I <3 Man-Ram

  3. brO Says:

    Whats up w/ Nyjer Morgan?????
    Dood needs to have a long time out……..