gOing inside nyjer’s mind

When Nyjer Morgan “left” field other night after getting pummeled by Marlins, many couldn’t help but wonder whether divorce from reality had occurred…

Actual Nyjer

So anyway Blog of Team cracked open copy of Diagnostic Statistical Manual to see whether any potential disorders were at work. Blog of Team found a veritable wonderland of possibilies and narrowed it down to four theories:

Jesus Complex Nyjer

Cry for Help Nyjer

‘Troubled’ Nyjer

Superhero Nyjer

Your diagnosis is welcome!

4 Responses to “gOing inside nyjer’s mind”

  1. Sponsort Says:

    I heard is said that “Nyjer” is an acronym of “New York – New Jersey.” I suspect that it may instead be the name of a thistle seed we feed our birds. Anyway, why are we obsessing about the Lowly Gnarts when our boys are getting ready to take on the bad boys of the AL East? (Did any of your fans actually vote on the issue of whether the Os should leave the AL East? What is this – appeasement?)

  2. brO Says:

    Nyj has boundless physical abilities. But power without control is useless and dangerous.

  3. the Wayward O Says:

    Whole business of leaving AL East is ALMOST RIPE FOR JUDICIAL REVIEW.

  4. Victor Frankenstein Says:

    No wai, O.
    I am the troll!