super-triple teevee thing live netlOg, part 1

Where Blog been at? It doesn’t matter! Blog back! Superpalooka livetardblog of Ken Burns documentary, night one, starts NOW!

7:55 p.m.: OMG PBS NewsHour over!! Blog learned about Kroea and stuff!!! Getting excited!!!1!

8:02 p.m.: OMG Ken Burns is cool listen to musics it is not old piano sound! OOhhhhh Keith Olbermann is guy talking about Game Sport!!

8:03 p.m.: Willie NelsOn!?!?! Blog can’t tell. This is good song, should be sung at every game.

8:09 p.m.: Dave Roberts you gotta take that base!!!!!!!!!!

8:11 p.m.: Nobody cares about Barry Bonds and he is not very ‘complicated.’ OK maybe a little complicated.  He is jellus of ANDY van SLYKE?? Blog too! (Always has been.)

8:25 p.m.: OMG PUBLIC ENEMY MEETS JOSE CANSECO!! 1988! Flavor Flav took rap steroids! Oh sure, Tom Boswell tried to warn us! Uh huh.

8:29 p.m.: IT WAS LEGAL!    

8:32 p.m.: Chris Rock is baseball fan?!? He would take pill to get paid like E.T. or something.

8:37 p.m.: The ’94 Expos had Wetteland too?? Blog didn’t know had forgotten that.

8:44 p.m.: Owners screwed Tony Gwynn out of shot at .400!

8:50 p.m.: RAFFY MULLET CAM & Cal or something

8:55 p.m.: Maddux, Smoltz, Glavine …. STEVE AVERY SNUB!

9 p.m.: Sh_walter FIRED

9:05 p.m.: HEY IT’S JOE ANGEL Jon Miller

9:06 p.m.: Jeffrey Maier SNUB

9:12 p.m.: Blah blah blah Yankess wah wah wah

9:27: Sugar

9:33: Tom Broswell just called Mo Vaughn “Godzilla” — Boz is just mad because he doesn’t like Team any more hahaha Nats

9:39 p.m.: Hey Sammy Sosa speaks English!

9:44 p.m.: IT WAS LEGAL (redux)

9:57 p.m.: Uhhh. OK.

2 Responses to “super-triple teevee thing live netlOg, part 1”

  1. brO Says:

    Bottom of tenth to be filled with Villians. Terrorists, Rafael Palmeiro, Barry Bonds, Gerges (Bush and Steinbrenner). And No Cal Ripken to save them. Whatever shall we do???

    Congrats to TB Rays. Now win division and stick it to Janquis.

  2. Sponsort Says:

    Poor Jeffrey – completely wiped out of the history books, whose authors can’t beatify Torre if his entire ouvre was the work of a truant.