chilly stOve

Victor Martinez was among first, followed by your Adam Dunns and your Adrian Gonzalezes. Heck, even Lance Berkman has found home in St. Louie.

As for your Paul Konerkoses, Team’s leader kind of took air out of that one, too, saying reports of “significant offer” to aging White Sock were overblown and that, in fact, really Team just left him Post-It note tacked outside US Cellular Field on pay phone that said “Call me.”

Fan frustration clearly is mounting. After so much futility can it mount any higher? Maybe not. Still all one has to do is patrol news pages or baseball blogs to see it continues apace.

Wayward O is on fence about whether to be mad at this point. Team clearly is not fully in mix this December as talent gets snapped up. Yet this really can’t be regarded as surprise as published reports based on actual sourcing have predicted as much.

$56 million for Adam Dunn? — that absolutely blew away Team’s $40 million offer and just seems like pantload of money for DC’s erstwhile slugging first basesman. Should Team have “blown away” Dunn with a 5 year/$75 million offer?

Similarly Team came up short in Martinez bidding but — again — did Detroit overpay? Should Team have offered $60 million? How else to beat Detroit’s $50 million offer?

And not only did Red Sox reportedly give up four solid prospects for Gonzalez, but presumably they’d also ink him to a Mark Teixeira-like mega deal and pray he doesn’t get hurt for better part of decade. Wayward O asked Andy MacPhail about Gonzalez back in April and was told Team wouldn’t sell farm for Southern California slugger.

Depending upon how you look at it — and you’d be more than justified in taking “glass half empty” view — either Team is shrewdly sticking to plan or simply is out of touch with market.

Your “half empty” view is easy to articulate in a single word: Wiggy. But you could go on: If Aubrey Huff is $11 million guy and Miguel Tejada is a $6.5 million guy then, oh “half empty” arguer, you have a point when you say it steams you Team can’t seem to pull trigger on anything more than the $10 million range per year for any player.

Your “half full” view, however, is a bit more nuanced. It starts with much-improved core of young guys and new manager who immediately got results during final third of 2010 season. It continues with some great talent supposedly coming through pipe coupled with seasoning of aforementioned young core.

Today talk in Team-o-Sphere turned to Mark Reynolds, Arizona’s young, slugging, striking-out corner guy. Wayward O has good feeling about this guy, low BA notwithstanding, and if he can be had via trade that doesn’t expose Team to — Oh let’s call it the “Glenn Davis ex post facto hand wringing boomerang syndrome” — then Team won’t have to rely on Wiggy-level talent* for 2011.

Wayward O remains positive. And not just because Team is putting a LOT of effort into catering. There is still a good decent chance Team will have power bat this Spring. And one can’t forget progress Team has made in terms of talent it already has on offer.

*PS. Wiggy, Blog loves you man. Seriously. No offense. But c’mon you want to win too, presumably.

7 Responses to “chilly stOve”

  1. brO Says:

    Mark Reynolds is Oriole. .942 Carreer fielding avg. in 145 games last year he had 99 hits, 32 home runs and 211 strikeouts. I think this is a good signing. As we have been in need of a steady 3B. Plus he played for one of the three other teams who had a worse record that the O’s last year. Coming from the 65 win D-Bags to the 66 win O’s. Welcome to Team Mark! Don’t stink the place up!

    Oh wait………….


  2. Sponsort Says:

    Sorry, brO, can’t have it both ways. If Adam Dunn had too many strikeouts for you, I can’t see why you like this dog-ass signing. The guy led the NL in Ks and, to top it off, hit under the Mendoza line last year. He is a beard for Josh Bell and nothing more. Nobody goin’ to the playoffs with this guy at a power position. Again, sorry.

  3. the Wayward O Says:

    Hm. I’d say the jury is out on Mark Reynolds. But he was much cheaper than Dunn would have been. Then again, I would have taken Dunn too…

  4. brO Says:

    You are right…..Adam Dunn will not strike out 211 times.

    But he will get pitched out of Old Country Buffet for cutting in front of old ladies and eating hush puppies right out of the chaffing dish.

    Birds will make a meaningful bid for Crawford. They may also make a play For Pavano, who snubbed them a few years ago. Then we would have 2 Carls. Or is it a Karl and a Carl……

  5. Mark Fason Says:

    hey Wayward O,
    yOur bOy Luke ScOtt shOuld stick to baseball:

  6. the Wayward O Says:

    You couldn’t be more right. Blog has had hard time coming to terms with Luke between lines — largely because of his idiocy outside lines. Good news is that if Luke keeps popping off he’ll end up drawing the kind of journalistic scrutiny that will make him very uncomfortable. Would also just point out that Luke is among many pro athletes with kooky right wing views — but for some reason he is much more vocal.

  7. brO Says:

    They have guns. And they’re really stupid.