they like their sprOtz up in that piece

Blög öf Tëam: Merry Cliff-Mas
 Harry Callous:  I still can’t believe it
Blög öf Tëam: [Blog] saw that business bubbling up on the Twitters yesterday
  But still couldn’t quite believe it
  Such a FU to Yanks
Harry Callous: Ditto, I thought it was Lee’s agent trying to eek a bit more out of either team
Blög öf Tëam: Cliff was all, where was I happy?
 Smart guy
Harry Callous: Have to respect that
     I think my phone broke last night because of all the texting
  A lot of people staying up past their bed times in the Philadelphia metro area
Blög öf Tëam: Nice. Well they like their Sprotz up in that piece
Harry Callous: Pic
Blög öf Tëam: That’s very profesh
Harry Callous: Yeah, can’t imagine how much time at work that person killed making that
Blög öf Tëam: People, they like the basesballses

One Response to “they like their sprOtz up in that piece”

  1. Sponsort Says:

    Mrs. Cliff Lee wasn’t stepping foot in Janqui-land after she was spat upon in the stadium last year. He used the Janqs as his beard to get more money from the Phils.