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Remember last April when Sgt. Maj. Poobah MacPhail told Blog of Team and other blogs that 2010 would be big year for Adam Jones and possible contract extension?

MacP. noted (pharaphrasing) that…

While some teams can afford to evaluate non-free agent talent for as long as 5 years, the Orioles feel their window is about 3+ years.

Blog guesses verdict on Jonesie is very nearly in with yesterday’s news of single-year, $3.25 million deal that avoided salary arbitration and contract extension both.

Assuming stance toward Jones hasn’t changed and that Jonesie stays true to production level from first 470 games, Blog guesses you’ll see Team either attempt to extend him to something modest (4 years / $24m range?) before All-Star break (an unlikely scenario) or package him in trade.

Or course, if Jonesie comes out gangbusters early this year, then Team has different problem — not necessarily a “bad problem.”

Depending where Jones ends up in Team’s new-look lineup, he could be on tap for big jump in production. If, for example, he ends up in three-hole ahead of Derrek Lee, Luke Scott and Mark Reynolds, Jonesie, known as a free swinger, is going to get more pitches to hit, as they say.

Then again, Andy is too sly a fox to let lineup-induced production jump get him too excited.

Blog wonders if Jonesie’s occasional defensive lapses last year (probably forgiveable to an extent given how bad Team was overall) might have been part of reason why an extension was passed over for moment.

In Blog’s heart, Blog wants to see Jonesie reach full potential in Orioles uni and be part of winning formula, but in Blog’s head, Blog sees Jonesie’s future in Baltimore as being murky.

2 Responses to “adam jOne$”

  1. the Wayward O Says:

    Thinking yet more about this* it’s entirely possible that Team feels like it doesn’t have to anything for another year! (That would be scenario No. 3.)

    *that’s a LOT of thinking

  2. Sponsort Says:

    Sitting here this morning, encased in ice, I have a definite feeling that Adam is nugget-worthy.