fOur and twenty blackbirds

Last night Blog of Team RECEIVED OMEN.

Everything was going well until BLOG PAID $3.14 for PIE SLICE!

Blog of TEAM doesn’t know what to do! Thinks it may be SIGN FROM GOD that Team should NOT SIGN VLADDY.

Not sure though — could cut in OTHER DIRECTION!!

3 Responses to “fOur and twenty blackbirds”

  1. brO Says:

    sammy sosa, albert bell, vlad guerro.

    Sponsort’s gonna jump all over me for that.

    Cutler will be lucky to be in the NFL next year if there is an NFL. He deserves to be in a Blingee with Al Czervic and Derek Jeter.

    And I don’t care what anyone out there says. Tha ’10 Baltimore Ravens choked harder than the ’79 orioles. I can just now say that. They are the Purple Pants Crappers. They are going to need the Bye Year in 2011 to get the taste of this shit sandwich out of their mouth.

  2. the Wayward O Says:

    Well – certainly Vladdy wouldn’t be regarded as a cornerstone signing like the Belle contract. Team is lowballing him because it sees Vladdy as an extra bat, really, not much more.

    Still can’t believe that Ray Rice fumble!

  3. Sponsort Says:

    The only person I’m jumping all over is Peter Angelos for running the team so far into the muck back in the day. He and “The Danny” are meck-and-neck for the “Satans of Sport” award (SOS).

    In ’11 the Os will go as far as their 6 young starters can take them. If Guts, Matusz, Arietta, Bergeson, Tillman and Britton can keep them in the game they will be fun to watch.