let’s all just calm dOwn

Lineup practically writes self now!

Rob 2b
Nick RF
Adam CF (or JJ SS)
Vlad DH
Luke LF
Derrek 1B
Reynolds 3B
Matt C
Adam CF (or JJ SS)

Or some minorly tweaked iteration thereof…

Questions triggered by signing:

-Who will be in left? Scott probably.
-Which of PieMold will be 4th outfielder? Hint: Mold has AAA option Hint 2: Both have been injury prone
-Will they trade PieMold or Jones? (Why would they do THAT?)
– Did Team pay too much? Dunno. Don’t care, really. Vlad will pay $8 million back to Team by June in terms of asses in seats if he stays healthy. Also details of contract aren’t all out yet
– What will Vlad look like in Os Uni?

Bacon neck though
Nevermind, ZK at CC has that covered.

That guy is a ballplayer. You can see it on face!

Answers triggered by signing:

-Team has made itself far less prone to injury disasters we saw last year, with depth coming off bench (aformentioned PieMold and Izzy to name a few)
– Also it’s a message to players: Hey, you’re not guaranteed a spot. Play hard, show results or GTFO. As someone pointed out somewhere the alleged meat of 2010 order is now the holes in 2011 order
– Addition of Duchscherer and Drese, meanwhile, puts competitive pressure on young stating five. Arrieta and Tillman —┬áno guarantees!

Worry tiggered by signing:
– Blog worries they will play too hard in Spring and everyone will get hurt. Don’t win Grapefruit League. Win AL East!

9 Responses to “let’s all just calm dOwn”

  1. brO Says:

    All day local ladio sports guys are saying that the Birds have a legitimate shot at .500?

    With this wrecking crew I think .500 would be a bit of a let down.

    Don’t park on Eutaw. ‘sall I’m sayin.


  2. brO Says:

    This time next year, Cameron Diaz will be sticking popcorn in Vladimir’s bearded mouth at the Sewper Bowl.

    An image I can not get out of my head.

    Nope Cant do it.

  3. Sponsort Says:

    Here are some things to contemplate:
    – Might be better to bat B-Rob 9th. Give his back some protection but still have him as a set-up man later in the game.
    – Need to protect Mark Reynolds. He will be vulnerable to the awesome ALEast pitchers and should have Vlad, Derrek or Luke batting behind him.
    – My line-up is (1) Jones; (2) Markakis; (3) Lee; (4) Guerrero; (5) Reynolds; (6) Scott; (7) Wieters; (8) Hardy; (9) B-Rob. You get all 6 big hitters up in the first 2 innings and are set up for later in the game.

  4. the Wayward O Says:

    jim duquette’s projected lineup (from mlb.com)


  5. the Wayward O Says:

    You could also DH B-Rob and start Izzy 25 times when Vladdy gets a rest.

  6. Sponsort Says:

    Haha – you are most definitely “wayward.”

  7. brO Says:

    If you put him in the 9 hole he loses like 150-16 AB’s. He is the catalyst on which the offense depends…….

  8. Sponsort Says:

    Ahem – fewer ABs is exactly the point. He can’t be a catalyst if he’s sitting with an injured back.

    B-Rob’s lifetime on-base pct is .355; Adam Jones’ is .322. the difference is 3 over every 100 ABs. You lose nothing and gain by helping B-Rob stay in the game.

  9. brO Says:

    RIP Ernie Tyler.