vladdy chrOnicles, part 3

It’s been about a month since Blog of Team checked in with Team’s superstar, win machine and future Hall of Famer, designated hitter Vladdy Guerrerro.

Not that he’s been quiet. He’s won two games for Team since Sunday, when his two-run home run beat Washington. Today ol’ man Vladdy came through in Bottom of 12th inning on West Coast getaway day, sending Team off with five-game win streak and .500 record.

Buck knows it, via MASN

OH! And he’s still leading Team in batting average and hits. Also, apparently he takes walks, you know, when he feels like it.

And yet whining from certain quarters goes on apace! Oh well. What are you going to do about it? Some folks wouldn’t know a Star from a Hole in the Ground.

Too bad for them … and Hoo Ray for Vlad!

7 Responses to “vladdy chrOnicles, part 3”

  1. brO Says:

    This from Wikipedia:

    Guerrero bats without wearing batting gloves, a custom rarely seen in modern baseball. In an interview with Yahoo! Sports, he attributed this to helping his grandfather pull cows home barehanded as a young boy in the Dominican Republic.

    Farm league indeed.

  2. Sponsort Says:

    Vlad was a great pickup. Too bad only for 1 year deal. SIGN HIM UP!

    Reynolds has been the opposite end of the spectrum -a complete waste – until Thursday’s game when he had 2 important hits. I continue to believe that batting higher up in the order will help him. His strikeouts will diminish and he will see better pitches.

  3. the Wayward O Says:

    Bro, can you name another current batting-gloveless wonder?

  4. Vlad's glove. Says:

    Jorge doesn’t wear em if I’m not mistaken.

    oh and you know the math geeks are having a shit-fit about how this dude “only” hits singles. evidently, his WARZURFIP suuuuuucks.

    .304/.330/.758 <3

  5. brO Says:

    That’d be Jorge Posada.

  6. brO Says:

    Adam Dunn 65K’s .186 BA.
    Mark Reynolds 52K’s .198 BA.

    I think we got the better deal.

  7. Vlad's glove. Says:

    also Jason Kendall and Coco Crisp I think…Pence only wears one which I’ve always thought was stupid.