dear Os fans…

Last night (oh thank you Derrek Lee, thank you Ryan Adams and JJ Hardy and everybody else) was a fine little win, with a full-ish Yard, nearly reminiscent of something one might call “good old days,” if there were in fact such old, good days … were there? There might have been.

But Blog has a bone to pick with you, Os fans. Supposedly you’re among most knowledgeable fans in game and supposedly Baltimore, despite its long losing slump, is a “baseball town.”

So, Os fans, you really, REALLY should know better than to start “Wave” in bottom of sixth inning of 4-4 game with Nick Markakis and Adam Jones trying to make something happen.

With effective Reds’ reliever Sam LeCure pitching to Nick, about halfway through at-bat, Wave abomination started. With a 1-1 count, a clearly distracted Nick called timeout and backed out of batter’s box.

Nick then took a ball, then fouled off a pitch and, with a 2-2 count and Wave going full bore, you could clearly see him struggling to keep his focus.

Then, with count still 2-2, Nick is forced to foul off pitch whilst [drunken?] screaming Wave is proceeding around Yard DIRECTLY BEHIND HIM.

This is when Nick looked out to stands: Look on his face said it all:

Image via MASN

Then with some lady dancing night-club style behind him, further egging  Wavers along, Nick struck out swinging.

Maybe he woulda struck out anyway.

3 Responses to “dear Os fans…”

  1. brO Says:

    I have often opined in yon comments section that the fans at OPACY do not follow acceptable “Wave” etiquite. Oriole Park is likely the only stadium in which fans actually attempt it. It sort of went out with that “Whoomp There It Is” thing.

    O and if yer lucky enough to be sitting in the lower box behinh home plate two things:

    1) The FRIGGING BALL IS GOING TO COME RITE THE FUCK AT YOU!!!! So don’t act all shocked so we have to look at you being all “OMFG” for the next 5 innings. OK? There’s a net.

    2) OK you are on TV…… we can all see your dumb ass. Please don’t call your momma and be all “Turn On MASN!” because then we have to watch you talk your old momma’s dumb ass through how to work the remote because she only ever watches FOX news. And then when she finally gets you on the tube we have to watch you be all OMFG and wave like a busload of retards on the way to CHuck E. Cheese. Thanks.

    O and Davey Johnson is Managing the Nats. That’s just great. Just fucking GREAT!

  2. Sponsort Says:

    If they’re going to insist on “Friday Date Night” when fans are encouraged to do the “wave,” the Os could at least bring back “Dime Beer” Night. Now THAT would cut down on “waving.”

  3. brO Says:

    Why is it so frickin dark there in atanta?? I was flippin back and forth between Nats an Team and wow…..

    O, DId you all see the ding-dong who ran down behind home plate in the bottom of the 6th to do the cell-phone wave at his ma?

    Large black female usher put the kibosh on it real quick. It was a hoot…….