immediate comparisOn

Other night Blog of Team was thinking of money-making ideas. How about a “Bring your own patty” burger chain called Pattie’s? You pay a low price for bun and fixins and they cook your patty to spec.

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Adam Jones doesn’t dream about Big Score. He already won Talent Lottery. Maybe he could be Pattie’s angel investor with $50 million, minimum, in future contract value he likely has earned with this catch.

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It drew immediate comparison to Willie Mays’ catch at Polo Grounds in 1954. But, as MASN analyst Jim Palmer pointed out, “At the Polo Grounds, Mays never hits the wall.”*

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Adam goes a bit Nightclub with two-fingers-up pose as he holds up baseball. Adam is very “media-savvy.” And he’s certainly left his 2010 annus horriblis in past.

Then he sent Team home from West Coast Massacre on wings of game-winning, upper deck home run.  And Team now has four starters from whom fans can expect win on Any Given Day taking control of rotation. So there’s still hope Team can finally slay elusive questing beast known simply as .500.

Once Beast is Slain, Sky is Limit.

* Palmer likes to speak in present tense about events that happen in recent past. It sounds erudite.

5 Responses to “immediate comparisOn”

  1. Sponsort Says:

    I saw Adam’s catch live on TV last night, exactly as I saw Willie’s in October ’54. The point about Willie’s catch is, of course, that he DIDN’T HAVE A WALL TO WORRY ABOUT (at the old Polo Grounds). I’m not sayin’ that Adam is Willie, I’m just sayin’…

  2. Sponsort Says:

    On a completely different subject, has anyone else been noticing Roch Kubatko’s obvious on-air and in-print moves on Amber Theoharis? He’s at it again tonight on his blog.

  3. the Wayward O Says:

    Do you mean like ‘Gunning for her job’ moves or ‘sexytime’ moves?

  4. brO Says:

    Who is this Drew Stubbs of Cincinnati that dares encroach on the hallowed ground reserved for Adam Dunn????

    Player TEAM POS G SO
    1. D Stubbs CIN OF 63 83
    2. A Dunn CWS DH 54 80

    On pace for 280 strikeouts. I think Dunn needs to play the A’s so he can swing at “Balfour” few times and reclaim the lead…..

    Im a little drunk.

  5. Sponsort Says:

    Update on Roch’s eye for Amber – looks like his leering blog comment has been taken down – I would also guess that he won’t be ogling her red dress on the pre-game “warm-up” show in the future.