it shOws

Cruel, cruel summer!

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Blog has been watching and reading and following Team but Blog has had trouble finding anything to say partially because Blog doesn’t see point of ripping Team every fifteen seconds. What is point?

Team could find feet again, like it did late last year, but who cares? Magic is out of machine. Bloom is off rose. Horse has left barn. Horse is in Yankee, Red Sox barn eating oats. Again. Team barn full of manure and rotten hay.  

Blog is tired of stupid Vlad Guerrerro flogging but too ennuied of tired lines of battle to bother with it.

Tired of bungling starting rotation and dumb injuries.

Tired of losing.

Tired of watching minor leaguers at crucial positions every July and August. 

Tired of Team getting overwhelmed in All-Star balloting and tired of being unable to be indignant about it because numbers don’t lie.

Tired of all explanations for Team’s failure except that Team’s money man doesn’t care about winning and it shows.

Very, very tired of Brian Roberts, or should Blog say absence of Brian Roberts. Ironic, perhaps. And embarrassed about once upon time being so supportive of long contract extension.

Luckily Blog is heading for beach for week, next week, should current week ever manage to end.  Maybe when Blog gets back Blog will reassess 2008 flOwchart.

After bout of whining it is good to find perspective, so here it is: Blog is glad Blog is not Dodgers’ Blog or Mets Blog. Being fan of Dodgers clearly would be more excruciating at this point with Sick-in-Head Sort-Of Owner literally destroying proud franchise. Being fan of Mets would make Blog feel like Ponzi “victim.”  

At least Penny Pinching Ol Man Pete won’t let Team go bankrupt. He’s got every hotdog accounted for on ledger. Hey Pete, WHAT ARE YOU SAVING IT FOR?!?!?

7 Responses to “it shOws”

  1. Sponsort Says:

    We’ve all been feeling your pain, Wayward, since Angelos fired Davey in ’97. Whazzat you say? Davey’s back? Nats are winning? Oh, my, my.

  2. brO Says:

    I really really really really

    really really

    miss Cal.

  3. Zev Says:

    I hear Budwiser sales are up since Davey took over the Nats

  4. brO Says:

    Newfound respect for Kevin Gregg. I hate the redsox more with each passing game. Ortiz admired his first inning home run and did his little bat flip before jogging around the bases. He’s damn lucky Kevin didn’t go ahead and end his season. Then Gregg stood his ground when Big Babi decided to charge after his pop out to shallow center.

    Pompous asshole.

  5. the Wayward O Says:

    Uuuugly, man. Uuuugly.

  6. the Wayward O Says:

    Ortiz should have been ejected after the third pitch. But, as the Boston tv guys said, the Sox pounded the Os twice in a row and it seemed like somebody was going to get hit. Derrek Lee did the right thing and get in the middle in sort of a nonviolent way. Glad Team at least has a little spirit left…

  7. brO Says:

    We sound like a bunch of doods whose loyalties lie with a team that gets completely out-classed everywhere they go.

    Big babi shouldn’t have stood and admired his homer tho. He would have been thrown at by any team in the league.

    Its in the rules.