cOnstructed with financial assistance

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It’s true! According to Sarasota Observer*

Michael Barfield, an activist who claimed the Ed Smith financing deal was shady, now says Florida State Statute 288.1166 means Spring Training home of Team should be used to take care of down-and-out Sarasotans…

“My initial reaction: I laughed. But after thinking about it more, it made sense. (The stadium) has showers, food preparation areas, and it’s only used a few weeks out of the year,” he said.

So what does law say? It says:

“Any professional sports facility constructed with financial assistance from the State of Florida shall be designated as a shelter site for the homeless in accordance with the criteria of locally existing homeless shelter programs, except when the facility is otherwise contractually obligated for a specific event or activity.”

Wayward O is all for it. Who knows? Bet there are at least six vagrants in Sarasota proper who could crack 2012 rote. Most of them probably spend their time wandering streets, picking through garbage, soiling themselves and shrieking about how WINS DON’T MATTER unless they’re ABOVE REPLACEMENT. Maybe my man FELIX PIE can stay there too while he makes comeback!

Hardest thing a manager has to do…

* What is Sarasota Observer? And, again, who the heck is Ed Smith???

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  1. Sponsort Says:

    If you combine Ed Smith (ES),with Sarasota Observer (SO) you get “ESSO,” proving again that Hillary was right: the great Rght Wng Petrochemical conspiracy is after the O’s.