Small hints early on that 2012 vintage could be different.

Pickles exceeded critical mass, but that’s nothing new…

Jake Arrieta looking regal in his white-facaded cartoony bird hat and gunning mid-90s.

Baltimore always has been colorful

Nick Markakis, Adam Jones, J.J. Hardy and Matt Wieters displaying power, looking healthy.

They made a big deal of 200th anniversary
of beginning of War of 1812

Role players like Wilson Betemit, Nick Johnson and Ryan Flaherty making contributions.

Getting dizzy. Maybe it’s the Bohs

Starters pitching deep into games. Jim Johnson looking competent.

I get triple peanut. Nick hits triple. Coincidence?

Of course it was Twins. But they had their Lirianos, Morneaus and Mauers out there…

Good day to be mascot

Exciting weekend. But let’s not get ahead of selves! Yankees and West Coast swing in queue. Can Team stay above .500 into late April?


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  1. cW Says:

    Ah, the first O of spring. Love it. No pics of Trenton?