swish, rOd-ster and michael kay

Jake: Eat your heart out
Blog of Team: Blog can see your name in lights, son
Jake: Thanks
B of T: You and Swish, just hangin’ on Acela, breakin’ it down
Jake: I would love to hang with Swish. He seems like a good time
B of T: Last year, after similarly bitter defeat, Blog saw Swish, Rod-ster and … MICHAEL KAY … all hopping choo-choo together
Jake: Oh Michael Kay
B of T: They are buds Blog is telling ya
Jake: I nearly got arrested sneaking into the VIP corporate box section of Shea Stadium during a Bruce Springsteen concert when I was in high school. And while I was begging for leniency from the security guard…
B of T: Kay bailed you out?
Jake: I saw Kay, John Franco and Al Leiter palling around
B of T: He’s the Zelig of New York sprotz!
Jake: Hahaha

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    Ol’ Guts is giving out homers like they were cold Coors.