bleacher abOmination

Seriously, what genius built this?

Gia took this picture

Is this some kind of “Eff You” to Yankees’ most loyal fans? Why would they do bleachers like this? You cannot see left field!

Would imagine outrage on this issue has been well-aired, but since it was Blog of Team’s first time in these hideous seats, full realization of this embarrassment finally has hit home.

Yankee organization apparently thinks fans come to – what? – look at a concrete wall with a Mohegan Sun ad on it? Fools. Penny wise, pound foolish. How can Yankees even consider selling these tickets? Sure it was $5 seat night but even a finn for these seats is steep.

Blog had really no expectation of Team picking up W tonight. Not that wins matter, but they’re nice. So a very special hat tip to Mr. Brian Matusz!

Heart of Lion!

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