marginal territOry

If there’s such a thing as pedestrian, 17-inning game this was it.

Sigh of relief via NESN

But even when you get into marginal territory, wins and losses still count. And when Bobby V. had to rely on Darnell McDonald and his batting practice fodder, Buck still had Chris Davis in his pocket.

Red Sox fans will have to settle for their nasty chants. Meanwhile Team will settle for 5-1 tour through heart of Bronx and Fenway.

Couple random observations:

– Mark Reynolds, OBP machine
– Six hours of listening to Peter Gammons grunting on NESN was more than plenty, thank you
– Was there anyone watching who didn’t think Adam Jones was going yard there?
– Bobby makes pitching changes in bizarre, mid-count spots. Also Dustin Pedroia’s contempt for his manager is plain as day. U mad Peedy?

3 Responses to “marginal territOry”

  1. brO Says:

    Why do the crowd shots at Fenway always remind me of the opening number from “The Muppet Show” ???

    Why does every game there have to be some emotionally mutated and bizzarre journey into baseeball obscurity??

  2. Sponsort Says:

    Jim Palmer was aghast that Davis could accomplish his feat. Palmer ran out of ways to say “command the strike zone.”

  3. brO Says:

    Jim Palmers contempt for umpires becomes more and more obvious with each passing broadcast.

    These last two contests with the Rangers say more about their team than they do about ours.
    However it seems clear that the seat of power has shifted from the AL East. The Yankees are aged and rotted through. The Red Sawx are going to set new benchmarks for dysfunction.