they are gOne and eddie remains

This is crazy times for Team of Blog! Man-child hath awaked and appears to have complete set of natural baseball bona-fides bestowed by Tide of Eons upon The Chosen Few.

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Meanwhile, Mr. Eddie Clarence Murray — without whom Cal Ripken Jr. would basically have been another Don Mattingly — is getting statuefied at Stadium of Team in ceremony that will surely bring Tear to Eye of Blog of Team and many who knew baseball As It Was during Those Times.

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Mr. Eddie prevailed over the dirt-digging, race-baiting New York muckrakers who tried to paint him and his family a grifter and destroyed his ability to trust reporters. They are gone and Eddie remains. Proud. Brilliant. Triumphant. Enough said.


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Makes sense he’s batting lefty since we all remember him batting from left side in our minds’ eyes. Nice job on hair, too, not to mention signature double hatbrim.

3 Responses to “they are gOne and eddie remains”

  1. Sponsort Says:

    Your comparison of Ripken Jr. and Mattingly sent me scurrying to the record book. WOW – are you ever right!

    First of all, their two careers were virtually overlapping. But hitting ahead of Eddie, Ripken flourished. Contrast Eddie’s work with the 3 guys who “protected” Mattingly: Willie Randolph, Steve Saks and Pat Kelley – none of whom could hold a candle to Eddie. I love Cal, but you can make an argument that Eddie put Cal in the HOF. One other supreme irony about Mattingly – after never getting to a World Series, he retired just as Jeter arrived in NY.

  2. the Wayward O Says:

    In retrospect that probably sounds like a knock on Mattingly – but yeah it’s more just the point that Mattingly never got the elusive championship to cap his career.

    Also when you look at Ripken’s career in retrospect, you realize that he hung on too long for reasons that didn’t involve winning championships.

    It’s impossible not to love what Cal did but sometimes he overshadows Mr. Eddie. So that’s why it was a good one yesterday. Even if the rain made things uncomfortable.

  3. the Wayward O Says:

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