criticisms nOtwithstanding

Let’s not get into too much detail about what happened on field last night in Cave of Doom.

Ye Who Enter Here

Should Jim Johnson be doing better? Eh. That’s a short porch out there in right field. Ryan Flaherty found it too. Should Derek Jeter have been punched prior to RBI triple? Maybe. Should Adam Jones have taken better route? Yeahp.

Pre-game huddle

But overall — valueless hyper-critical criticisms notwithstanding — Team played great. And Team came away with unlucky loss. It’s not over and, knowing this delightful vintage, they will be back tonight with best effort.

This guy!

Overall there was little or no tension in Stadium between Fans of Team and fans of free agent mercenary former All-Stars. At times, as Miguel Gonzalez worked through Yankee lineup like a half-rack of ribs, stadium was very quiet.

“It’s a library in here,” guy in front of Blog of Team metaphor’d at one point.

There were more than a few Orioles fans about — including this fella in right field,* Cal Ripken Jr. jersey flaps akimbo, incurring ire of hundreds of upper-deckers with anti-Yankee taunts and ultimately winning free police escort to train station.

But, those Yankee fans who were not provoked were very cool and polite, and there’s a ton of security in new digs.

So come on up for your punch in the guts!

*last night Blog erroneously said on Twitter it was left field so. So correction!

2 Responses to “criticisms nOtwithstanding”

  1. brO Says:

    Thanks, blog, for forum in which to rant about inequities of last night’s loss in Yankee Stadium where the following unfair things happened to the Orioles:

    1) zip
    2) nada
    3) zilch

    No blown calls, no snot nosed kid reaching over the wall, no slapping at the mitt of the first baseman. No Derek Jeter taking a dive or feigning a HBP. Hell Nick Swisher was not even a factor. Nope, Girardi took control of his team, sat AsteROID*, put in a crusty veteran position player in the twilight of his career and Instructed him to hit one in the seats. Twice.

    Both teams hit 2 solo shots. Both Starters were lights out great. And on at least 2 occasions broken bats changed the trajectories of base hits that could have kept innings alive and given the Orioles the edge. The deciding run last night was not Raul’s Ibanez’s, it was Jeter’s RBI triple.

    Things Orioles could do to better their chances of winning?

    I read where MLB players are choosing to use lighter bats because increased bat speed has an effect on the distance of fly balls. So they have their bats made with thinner handles and weight relieved at the tops. You can see the carved out portions at the top. So they hit a TON of home runs, and they break a TON of bats. And over a 162 game season, you can see benefits.

    However I submit that in a 1 game play-in or a 5 game series this kind of alchemy is detrimental to your chances to advance because as we all know, playoff games are different animals than regular season games.You can not live and die with the long ball in the play offs. In the post season, if you live by the homer, you die by the bunt. Please clean up your sawdust when you head home for the winter.


  2. the Wayward O Says:

    > In the post season, if you live by the homer, you die by the bunt.

    Like that.