lay lOw till the heat passes

Alta Vega Pega Pega: U heard about the Tampa Mystery Monkey?
El Oriole Caprichoso: The monkey was wilin’
Alta Vega Pega Pega: The monkey “eluded authorities” like prison break
For years!
F*#%ing Florida cops.
El Oriole Caprichoso: Who’s the monkey, really? LOL LOL
Now he’s all smacked up in a cage.
Alta Vega Pega Pega: The monkey’s the monkey. He’s always been the monkey.
The cops/monkey huntaz just look incompetent.
And I just love stories about animals getting over on Floridians.
Did you hear about the manatee that got indicted in that pump and dump stock scam?
El Oriole Caprichoso: The Seagrass LLC case?
Alta Vega Pega Pega: Sea Cow Investments LLC
He swam away slowly when cops tried to apprehend
El Oriole Caprichoso: A sea cow won’t ever run
Looks too suspicious.
Alta Vega Pega Pega: His instinct was probably to stand and fight but he knew he was outnumbered
El Oriole Caprichoso: That’s why he tucked into a warm water outflow near the nuclear reactor
Lay low till the heat passes.
Alta Vega Pega Pega: And call Monkeylink
El Oriole Caprichoso: – don’t wait for your monkey. Get it today!
Bail / payday ape loans / monkey surburban NIMBY litigation / securities and white collar defense
866 Bo No Bos!

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  1. Sponsort Says:

    Three – count ’em 3 – O’s Gold Gloves. It’s amazing how this team has developed.

    Biggest offseason issue – signing Wieters to a long-term deal. If Duquette “renews” him again, we will be looking at Wieters in Janqui pin stripes down the road.