thanks fOr everything

Heart of Oriole order, in five games vs. Yankees:

J.J. Hardy
3 for 22

Adam Jones
2 for 23

Chris Davis
3 for 20

Matt Wieters
3 for 20

Mark Reynolds, the standout, at
3 for 19

So reports you may have read about Team not being able to get key hit are accurate.

Nevertheless, they were one bloop, one well-aimed grounder, one swinging bunt or one similar such outcome away from ALCS last night versus Mercenary Former All-Stars in Bronx.

So Congratulations to you, 2012 Baltimore Orioles. And thanks for everything.

4 Responses to “thanks fOr everything”

  1. TheOmnipotentQ Says:

    I was pulling for them, and sad they could knock the Bronx Bastids out. The Orioles made their fans proud this, Wayward. Looks like they have a bright future ahead.

  2. Sponsort Says:

    And thanks to you too, Wayward, for a fun season of keen insights and bad puns.

  3. Ballmer Bruce Says:

    Baseball is a strange game. Last night Yanks tie game in 9th but lose in 12th. By tying game in 9th they lose Jeter to broken ankle in 12th.

    There is a God.

  4. brO Says:

    Jeter’s injury could have come a coupla games earlier. That woulda been cool.

    I hold that Nate McClouth’s ball was fair, it glanced off the pole. It was clear once TBS slowed the film down to 18000 framed/sec and zoomed in with the electron micronoscoper. The pole and the ball actually exchanged molecules. How could the umps not see that?

    Did anyone else thoroughly enjoy watching Valverde go down? His OCD game antics are worse than Papelbon’s.