their hOme field

Birdland to edge of panic! Bud Selig’s hostage situation ends! Details are clear regarding playoff picture and


That’s right friends: They would have played a game 163 under last year’s rules, since they each finished with 93 wins. Technically it would not have been PLAYOFF GAME under previous rules, however, and Blog of Team could not have posted cool bunting.

Anyway! Thanks Bud for making us all freak out for last week or so. Also thanks for, you know, NOT GIVING US ANY TIME TO PLAN ANYTHING! Good work Bud. No doubt all of your Yes Men are clapping you on back! Nice work.

Nevermind! Off to Texas!

Stars at night, big and bright!
MASN & Team head for Lone Star State

Joe Saunders gets start, which is safe choice, sort of. In Blog’s humble opinion, Jason Hammel could have taken ball. But Blog doesn’t know “inside details” and whatnot plus, um, Buck Showalter.

Lots of right-handed power in Ranger lineup though. Lots. Joey S. will have to be marvelous.

But Blog didn’t come here today to blather on about game, which essentially will be coin toss with small edge to Rangers on their home field. Nope. Blog came here today to GRADE BLOG’s PRESEASON PREDICTIONS. Blog is very excited about this because Blog was ridiculously prescient this year.

NL West: Blog saw Giants “cruising to playoff berth in a sort of weak division.” Check. Only real burp was putting D’Backs and Rockies ahead of Dodgers. None of ’em made playoffs. Silly Blog thought D’Backs would be in Wild Card mix. Grade: B+

NL Central: Reds, Cards, Brewers, Pirates, Cubs, Astros was prediction. Reds, Cards, Brewers, Pirates, Cubs, Astros was order of finish. Perfecto! Six for freakin’ six. Grade A+

NL East: Not only did Blog pick Nats but unlike vast majority of prognosticators, Blog confidently said “Nats are ready. Nats are headed for October.” Blog undersold Braves, however, slotting them behind Phillies and Marlins but allowing all of those teams to be in contention. Grade: A-

AL West: Blog always bolloxes up this division. Blog saw Angels finishing ahead of Texas and As bringing up rear. Angels underperformed, Rangers blew it and As finished first. But grading this on curve because NOBODY picked As! Nobody! Grade: C-

AL Central: Blog picked Tigers first, White Sox second. Didn’t get exact order of finish for also-rans correctly but, eh, who cares? Grade: A-

AL East: Prior to Evan Longoria injury, mind you, Blog said “No idea but if you put gun to Blog’s head: Rays.” So wrong. But if you look at Game 162, and Rays’ record with and without Longo, you quickly realize Rays would likely have won division were it not for injury. Blog also had vague inkling division could be upended, refusing — or perhaps being unable — to pick order of finish. Grade: Incomplete (or A+ because Blog correctly predicted that Blog had no idea)

Overall: If you had bet all six division winners with Blog, you’d have won four of six. Factor in odds you’d have gotten and you’d have cleaned house. Grade: A-

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  1. Sponsort Says:

    Love the bunting – keep it there as long as possible!

  2. brO Says:

    Camden Yards is going to be 43,000 rabid orange freaks on a leash tomorrow. I’m going to my mom’s.