things were getting cOld and desperate

Nobody knows what to do! Too many fortnights left until Team goes on 2013 rampage! Let us praise famous moments in Blog’s new rogues gallery!

It was the witching hour, on Oct. 11th, 2012, and Team’s figurative back literally was against wall in hostile confines of New Stadium Adjacent to Yankee Stadium’s Grave.

Midnight was approaching…

Baltimore was not hitting and things were getting cold and desperate. It had been a tense game on either side, filled with tortuous situations and rocky opportunities to break things open — none of which had panned out.

Until young Manny Machado doubled to right to start the 13th inning and Nate “Big Nate” McLouth moved him to third with ground ball to that guy on Yankees who plays second base when he’s not too busy preening.

Then, on desperate, depraved 2-2 count, with the night closing in around him, J.J. Hardy earned his place in Baltimore post-season lore at 11:53 p.m…

You, sir, have been Blingee’d. Original photo via Baltimore Sun

TBS announcer Ernie Johnson’s* call, when contextualized into text, reads like a poem:

fly ball left field
pretty well hit
ichiro goes back
and that ball is off the wall
the orioles will have the lead
hardy has a stand-up double
and his first rbi of this series
two to one, baltimore

Beautiful. Nice work Jayj. Come on back why don’t ya?

* if it was not Ernie Johnson, then Blog has no idea who it was

2 Responses to “things were getting cOld and desperate”

  1. Sponsort Says:

    Aye – twas a grand night – deep and dark – thought I saw the headless horseman out there in the bleachers.

    Maybe next year we’ll draw an opponent other than the N’yawkers so we’ll have a chance to play in the daylight, like God commanded for baseball.

  2. the Wayward O Says:

    Happy Birthday, Sponsort!