hardly a shOck

The following chat, about this story, occurred today between 12:57 and 1:03 p.m., several hours prior to this story.

Blog of Team: Yankees leaking A*Rod dirt. They want out of the personal service contract?
JAKE: I know. Think they can pull it off?
Blog of Team: Get a copy of the contract. See what it says about what behavior isn’t tolerated. Just a conspiracy theory, really, but somebody handed the New Times a big story
JAKE: Is the wording of the contracts public record?
Blog of Team: No, definitely not
JAKE: Well my guess is you’re right. This at least opens the door for the Yanks to void the worst contract in the history of sports
Blog of Team: Or try to
JAKE: If Selig suspends him, that would be additional “evidence” for the team to use depending on the wording of the contract
Blog of Team: You have to wonder whether Alex has any shame at all. Most people would just retire
JAKE: He wants the HR record. It’s already held by a juicer. What does he care? It’s still the record. It’s a shame the ’09 title is now “tainted” given that he carried the team that postseason. But it’s hardly a shock that he was juicing
Blog of Team: I wonder what Vegas would say about the odds of him hitting another 115 dongs?
JAKE: 20-1?
Blog of Team: It could happen

Chat with JAKE was almost kinda sorta semi-jokey, until it became not a joke! Incidentally here is Blog’s favorite line from the Miami New Times story:

The nine athletes and one coach named in this article didn’t respond to emails and phone calls seeking comment, but when New Times began asking questions last week, sources leaked information to the New York Daily News and ESPN to soften the blow.

Sh*t just got real for a bunch of guys.

3 Responses to “hardly a shOck”

  1. Sponsort Says:

    Does anyone else notice that, each day, more and more, A-Rod resembles Albert Belle?

  2. brO Says:

    I am kinda rooting for the yankees in this. I hope they can get out of this deal. If they can’t it’ll be bad for baseball. Maybe its bad either way. Worst contract ever.

  3. The Wayward O Says:

    They have used massive contracts to deprive other teams of talent for years. They can’t be allowed to wriggle out from their financial obligations now that they don’t feel like paying.