pabst, brita and Ostrich jerky

Is everybody clicking on ads? BLOG IS NOT RICH YET. Perhaps a SNORG TEE or FILIPINO SINGLE is in your sites.

Perhaps you’d like to go to World Baseball Classic featuring Adamski Jonesenbacher? Yes?

Well Blog has seen that advertisement cycle through as well. Why baseball ads appear on Blog of Team is anybody’s guess … it’s not as if Team has done anything related to baseball since, oh, about Oct. 12.

STOP THIS HORRIBLE TROLLING WAYWARD O AND TAKE ON BIG QUESTIONS! There is, apparently, this fancy-pants magazine in New York called THE NEW YORKER that takes on big questions a lot of the time.

For example the seas are full of carbon molecules now, which is VeryVeryBad, and also you can sail from Boston to Vladivostok via north pole with nothing but a case of Pabst, a Brita and some Ostrich jerky.

But sometimes, as opposed to ANSWERING big questions, magazine ASKS them. After some meanderings related to Barry Bonds, and the brigade of steroid-popping louts denied first-ballot plaques in Hall of Fame, writer Ian Crouch moved toward biggest question of all.

[S]urely we’ll all get together next year around this time, when the debate, growing more tired at each pass, rages again. This raises another question, one likely already considered by some readers by now: What’s the big deal? Next to all the real glories of sports, not to mention the trials of life, how much does a baseball museum really matter?

And then there we are, waiting for answer!  When he starts mumbling about Abner Doubleday and about how Kim Basinger looked really good in “The Natural” and about how Spring is Coming. Dude. SPRING IS ALWAYS COMING! EVEN WHEN IT’S SPRING NEXT SPRING IS COMING!

This is where Wayward O comes in. Here is answer: We care because baseball is not an invention of necessity. It is not the stock market; it is not the Congress; it is not the agribusiness system; it is not the law, the newspaper or the city council. Those things we have because we need.

Baseball, we want it to be around. It is our great national bauble, the very thing that separates our institutions, the things that make life liveable, from our highest-flying flights of fancy.

Old Hoss Radbourn could barely fathom his life outside of baseball more than 600 years ago, not long after Neanderthal man was purged from gene pool. And today Nolan Reimold is looking ahead to 2013 season with the hope that he can finally put that bad luck wind behind him forever. These and other players regard and regarded game as we fans do: With wonderment that it exists at all.

And that is why, without getting into merits of individual players as they relate to Hall of Fame debate, people consider it to be a “big deal.”

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  1. Sponsort Says:

    Looks like Wayward O has my demographic down pat – I’m clicking on every Geritol ad I see.

  2. Sponsort Says:

    Congrats to Dan and Buck. Here’s why they’re special:

    The last two managers to reach the playoffs for the Orioles were FIRED. Haha – I love that stat.