dOg dipping

Jake was shaky. But he’s still awesome though. Don’t worry about it.

Nice day for a ballgame.
Many people appear
to have had the same idea.

Know what’s not shaky? Camden Yards. Camden Yards is not shaky.

Local star
irradiates field
at game time.

Speaking of the heavens, Chris Davis was otherworldly. So good, in fact, his performance led Blog of Team to resort to profanity. Sorry about that, kids. Don’t use bad words!

Flacco? Obama? Ray Ray? Nope!
Nobody threw out the first pitch.
It was a fitting tribute to No. 4.

Buck said it was “one of those ‘I really want us to deliver’ days of the year.” (His comment, incidentally, was a copy editor’s quote-marking dream.)

Didn’t get a triple peanut this year.
Had to settle for the next-best thing.

The Nats gave up a 15-spot in Cincy. LoL Nats!

This is why people hate America.
Because we’re free to double dog dip.
Just try and stop us, Freedom Haters!

Team’s defense was good in spots. Lengthy discussions ensued in stands about how MLB infielders make tough plays look routine.

The whole time, I had this feeling
that somebody was watching me.

A profusion of Manny love was expressed.

He’s hitting a buck sixty seven though.

Great men, gone and departed, were remembered.

Earl. Brooks. Aubrey.

There was some lingering sadness about Brian Roberts not being in the lineup. But at least the prognosis isn’t completely bleak.

This kid tried hard
to win Fan of Game honors.
Next time, kid.

Afterwards, happy fans chose to put off fretting about Pedro Strop’s control until another day.

High fives and low fives.

Somebody had to lose.

The Hulk before the Hulk.

And all was well in Baltimore…

Clean up in aisle four please.

Another perfect Opening Day.

2 Responses to “dOg dipping”

  1. Sponsort Says:

    Best ballpark in the land.

  2. brO Says:

    Here’s to little brothers who torment you for your entire childhood. Then pull out tickets for Opening Day. Awesome experience.