very impOrtant

It’s been King’s Age since Blog of Team wrote about Team! But Blog of Team has been busier that a squirrel at a nut convention. Also it’s wise anyway, with Team, to wait until Team touches on West Coast before making any judgments about Team’s ability to play baseball.

Six wins out of ten on West Coast, with game 11 coming today, suggest Team — again this year — has ability to keep losing streaks at bay on road. That’s good sign and suggests Team will be in mix long after your Blue Jays, White Sox, Angels and like have mentally packed it in for year.

When do Orioles play Astros? Allegedly fancy Boston Red Sox have beaten them four times.

Team has dropped series against two inferior opponents already this year — Twins in Baltimore and Mariners last week in Seattle. While Seattle series isn’t probably cause for alarm, Blog hopes Team, going forward, doesn’t continue to let up when it should be feasting.

It is very important for Team to finish ahead of Red Sox. Red Sox are a contemptible lot of cheating cheaters and justice (again) must be served. Nice to watch Boston getting knocked around by Texas this weekend, by the way. And here’s best take Blog of Team has seen so far on the Clay Buchholz foul-ointment rubbing matter.

He regularly rakes his right index and middle fingers across his left forearm, being careful to keep his other fingers raised.

Also, can’t baseball do something about pitchers dumping water on their heads before going on field? That’s obviously part of some cheaty cheating cheat scheme.

Of course, Boston’s NESN and other sundry toadies all have exonerated Clay. Surprisingly, Boston Globe cites comments made by Red Sox catcher David Ross as all you need to know. Wow! Thanks for that refreshing take, Boston Globe! Guess when it comes to chicken in clubhouse, you’re a pack of muckraking dogs but now that fun’s over you want a winning team again?

Not to say that Team of Blog is perfect, either. We have GM who treats players like meat and, quite frankly, ill-uses them (all mostly within baseball’s rules of course but nevertheless.) That wouldn’t be so bad except that said GM is convinced he’s a genius, which is an exceedingly dumb attitude to express publicly.

Hey, man rules are rules. And as along as you’re not outside of them, do what you do.

We’ll see how Team looks when destinies of MacPhail-era talent are decided (thankfully Adam Jones has been locked up so maybe our allegedly brilliant chief exec will do same with Matt Wieters and Manny Machado, who aside from Nick Markakis are core of Team and whose presences in Baltimore have not a a whit to do with Duquette.)

For now what we have is a solid, well-coached Team — a group managed by a guy who won’t let players quit, which has good chance of rolling dice in October’s wild random-fest known as playoffs for next couple of years.

PS. Hey, Jonesie, catch the f*ckin ball.

3 Responses to “very impOrtant”

  1. Sponsort Says:

    Brilliant Jason Hammel deal is one big key to their success so far. Glad your all-in on a Wieters extension.

  2. the Wayward O Says:

    I like the Hammel deal a lot, though I’d stop short of calling it brilliant.

    The Chris Davis deal – that was brilliant. Thanks Andy MacPhail.

  3. Sponsort Says:

    FIRST PLACE! Let’s stay there.