grading the 2k13 predictions

Blog of Team nearly forgot to hold self accountable for pre-season predictions! Hey, picking baseball is no game. Wait, maybe it is. But it’s no easy game.

NL West - Blog had everything right, although it took a highly improbable Dodgers second-half run to make it so. Except for relatively minor error of putting Giants in third ahead of Padres (flip those), Blog accurately predicted order of finish. Grade: A-

NL Central - Blog had this division more or less properly pegged as three-way fight between Reds, Cardinals and Pirates but had eventual third-place, 90-win Reds finishing first. Worse predictions have been made. Blog had Brewers and Cubs correctly bringing up rear in 4th and 5th. Grade: B-

NL East - Blog had Braves and Nats at top, but reversed them. Blog also made a cock of bottom rungs, over-weighting Phillies and under-weighting Mets. Grade: C-

AL West - Blog picked order of finish exactly and earned extra credit for identifying eventual dark horse division winner. Grade: A+

AL Central - Tigers correctly picked to win. Oh that was easy, you say? Nope. Nothing is easy in new unpredictable world of baseball. Blog incorrectly had Royals and Indians at two and three (flip them) but correctly saw rough years for White Sox and Twins. Blog was ever-so-close to running table on this one. Grade: B+

AL East - Oops! Boston won World Series. They did not finish last. But, to be fair, AL East is extremely difficult to predict and that is without Blog’s inherent biases. Blog rightly had Yankees in fourth, so that’s kind of a plus. And Blog rightly had Team of Blog in contention, although Team finished third, not second. For heavily underestimating Red Sox, however, Blog earns low marks. Grade: D

This is a report card any blog would take home. And everybody knows Blog is incapable of picking AL East anyway. So drop that grade. Overall Grade: B

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