thOse muscle tweaks

Would Blog have preferred to see Ubaldo and Gausman? Yeah. Could Buck make that happen? No. Buck doesn’t take Blog’s calls. Also Blog never calls. If Blog did, and Buck took call, that would just be weird anyway. Buck is a busy man. He manages Team of Blog. He don’t need to be talking to some “journalists” — guys covering baseball are journalists?

Something to prove

Maybe they are. “Baseball writers of America” and whatnot. Whatever they are, it’s a sweet gig. At any rate Bud “Taco” Norris was pretty on-point Saturday and, hopefully, Wei-Yin Chen will put those muscle tweaks behind him this year and today.

Getting limber

You always are amazed when you see Matt Wieters up close. The guy is a mountain. He also is very zen, maaaaaan. He’s going to take the home town discount. Blog can almost … sense it! Or maybe he won’t. Blog might be mistaking intuition for sunstroke.

Look to the east

Oh hey. Here’s Crush Davis touching home after launching an oppo shot off of Edinson Volquez in the first inning. Dude still has the launch potential.

That didn’t take long

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