we’ll see whO has nuanced views in the bread line

Blog of Soccer Amazement: Thomas Müller has three goals?
Brock Tune: That appears to be the case.
That’s a lot for one man in one match.
For context Argentina’s Lionel Messi, considered to be one of the best players in the world, has only scored two goals in his entire World Cup career
Blog of Soccer Amazement: I wonder if he’s tired after kicking the ball so many times
Brock Tune: These are some of the best athletes in the world
Blog of Soccer Amazement: True?
Brock Tune: Very rare to see a fat soccer player.
Almost never happens
Blog of Soccer Amazement: LoL
“I wonder if he’s tired of kicking the ball so many times.”
You can use that one if you want
Brock Tune: I’ll put it in the hopper.
Blog of Soccer Amazement: It’s come to attention of Blog that there is ties in soccer
Brock Tune: Correct.
Only in the preliminary rounds here.
Not when there must be a winner
Blog of Soccer Amazement: Don’t give me your mumbo jumbo, sir
Blog of Soccer Amazement knows a Communist plot when Blog of Soccer Amazement sees one
Brock Tune: Soccer is not a Communist
It is a Marxist-Leninist
Blog of Soccer Amazement: We’ll see who has nuanced views in the bread line
Brock Tune: My record of patriotism is beyond reproach, but I am here to tell you I’ve got some funny feelings about rooting against a country with a population smaller than that of Texas
Blog of Soccer Amazement: Blog just going to pretend Blog didn’t see that chat
Actual prediction — U.S. beats Ghana, 2-0

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