grading the 2k14 predictiOns

Team is no longer playing the baseballs? That’s dumb. All Orioles players must play for free or cheap next year ok? Thnaks.

Every year Blog of Team predicts regular-season outcomes. Oftentimes Blog is eerily accurate. Less often Blog is fiendishly stupid. Let’s see how Blog did this year:

NL West: Blog correctly had Dodgers winning division but was a bit too bullish on the Padres, putting them ahead of Giants. San Diego kept the prediction interesting though, its brutal first half notwithstanding. Blog correctly had the ‘Backs and the Rocks at bottom of pig pile. Grade: B

NL Central: Blog predicted order almost exactly. However, Blog had Brewers in 2nd and Pittsburgh in 3rd, where in actuality Milwaukee would lag into 3rd behind Pirates’ 2nd place finish. Grade: A-

NL East: Order of finish prognosticated exactly. Blog probably shouldn’t have said nice things about Chris Young, however, not that it’s relevant. Grade A+

AL West: The only miss here for Blog was failing to foresee the Rangers’ complete collapse. As Texas’ injuries mounted, however, Blog took note. Otherwise picked division with dead-eyed accuracy. Grade: A-

AL Central: Blog said this division would finish Detroit, KC, Cleveland, Chicago, Minnesota. And it did just that. Grade: A+

AL East: This is a terrible division to handicap. It’s by far the most difficult. Really Blog’s prediction was inaccurate, since Baltimore blew away the competition going away. But Blog did hint at it at least. It’s silly to think about how excited Blog was about Steve Lombardozzi but the rise of Jonathan Schoop was only a winter’s tale at that point. Not long after this was penned, Schoop took Masahiro Tanaka deep on a chilly April night in the Bronx and he was on his way. Grade: Incomplete

Conclusion: If you had bet with Blog of Team this year, you would have made a shit-ton of money.

Editor’s note: Blog does not bother attempting to handicap October playoff rounds anymore because randomness is king and order is a far-off dream. Teams who wish to win World Series must accept this as true and simply be ready to push for playoff baseball as often as possible. More playoff bids = better chances.

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    Well done! Spring Training in Sarasota anyone??

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