jOe girardi is a galactic dimwit

Donny Baseballs: Wait are these f*cktards really talking about banning shifts? I came in late on this idiotic narrative
Blog of Justice: God Blog hates them
Donny Baseballs: Like, the fuck?
Blog of Justice: Richard Neer on WFAN is the dolt-est of the dolts. He is a true flowing river of idiocy
They’ll stop shifting real quick if you do that for a week
Blog of Justice: They want off-sides in baseball! Soon the shift will be gone, and the DH will be in the NL, and baseball will be ruined. Where are you seeing this?
Donny Baseballs: Here  and here
Blog of Justice: So the Yankee manager with sixteen DH’s who only pull, and the shyte pull hitter, want to ban the shift
Donny Baseballs: On the team stacked with lefties because their dumb stadium has a 280-foot fence in right
Blog of Justice: You can’t just ban stuff you don’t like. Act like a man not a mouse. Such a pathetic sense of entitlement  It’s just selfish rationalization. That’s the worst part
Donny Baseballs: One thing baseball has going for is the main rules have remained unchanged for like 130 years. Small changes here and there, equipment changes, mound changes, contact changes — but limiting where players can go on the field is insane
Blog of Justice: How do you enforce that rule anyway?
Donny Baseballs: Right? If someone takes off toward the right of second base mid-pitch, is that a dead play now?
Blog of Justice: Idiocy
Make your views as public as possible. Baseball watches and decides based on fan reax to stuff like this.
Know what the Yanks didn’t want to ban? Steroids! Torre looked the other way for a decade. Now their fokkin’ shyte new stadium is half empty and they’re saddled with bad contracts and they’re blaming the shift!
Donny Baseballs: Yeah it’s retarded
Game is evolving in super fun ways, and shifts are a huge part of it. Advanced shifting is way more responsible for the    increased pitching stats over the past few years than just some miraculous improvement in pitching
Blog of Justice: Anyone who doesn’t like the shift simply doesn’t deserve to be called a fan.
They can go watch soccer and bring their off-sides whistles

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