¡viva las vegOs!

Blog of Team IN FAVOR of Vegas move!

Orioles live in west as well as East! Park of Blog of Team at Camden Yards will have suitor in no time and Angelos dolts can play penny slots in Nevada to further poverty complexes!

Maryland can lure TEAM OF JETER or TEAM OF TAMPA to Baltimore. Put crab on hat and call them Baltimore Claws / Baltimore Blue Claws / Baltimore Blues or SOME VARIATION THEREOF and win World Series!

Also Blog of Team couldn’t help but notice that even though Radio Station of Team pulled down Vegas report, nobody actually came out and said it’s not true!

This blog here can only bring itself to say that “there doesn’t seem to be anything out there to corroborate any of it.” Except, Blog of Team wonders, why would local lawyer just invent something of that caliber. Likely there is at least a little flame at the heart of the Boogsmoke!

Also who are dolts saying Blog of Team defunct?!? Blog of Team saw little to say after destruction at hands of Kansas City. Dolt bloggers writing about WAR and park-adjusted horse poop lol. Stultuss maximums, dolts.

Bolg of Team may as well give assessment of current roster while pudating fandom on Team of Blog’s coming move to Vegas: Nice bunch of young men. If rebuild goes well couple two three of these guys will be part of resurgence!

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