thOught bubbles

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Finally some news! Jonesie going to take up Andrew Bynum look! Computer-assisted preview!!!!!

Hoop Dreams

Oh also: Orioles off-season to edge of panic!!! WAIVER CLAIMZ? ARBY FIGHTZ? What nutty hijinx will Warehouse cook up next?

Can Ian Kinsler even grow a moustache and beard a la Nicky? Or does he rock five-a-side hockey soup strainer? Let Blog Bing that for you! SO MUCH BLINGIE POTENTIAL THERE ARE YOU LISTENING DAN DUQUETTE?!?!?!


shOrten up

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Tough loss.

Didn’t like Adam Jones’s inability to move up J.J. Hardy in eighth inning. Jonesie, presumably, doesn’t get bunt sign ever. Which is arguably OK. But he didn’t shorten up and try to hit ball to right side either. He was just hacking away at balls outside of zone. Bad at-bat. No two ways about it.

Plating Hardy in eighth would have changed complexion in ninth, for sure, and key to that would have been moving James Jerry up with nobody out.

With game tied in ninth, Blog didn’t love decision to bring in Jim Johnson. It would have been better either to move to Tommy Hunter or let Brian Matusz — or somebody else — try to grind out some outs.

Even if it was wrong move, however, Johnson should have been better. He served up home run ball to Russell Martin on very hittable mistake pitch after initially appearing to have trouble finding strike zone. And he seemed to unravel from there. Not a good outing at all.

Rest of game was a tense and entertaining affair.

Maybe a little adversity will be good for ’em. Certainly Andy Pettitte is no C.C. Sabathia. Hats off, too, to Jason Hammel for a great start and to some guys including Matt Wieters, Mark Reynolds and Chris Davis for some great defense.

thOse damned steps

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When did they start calling him Howard Kendrick? Whatever, everybody knows Howie is a cop. Switch to bourgeois given name isn’t fooling anybody. Why his beat includes basepaths and infield in Orange County, Calif. is anybody’s guess. Maybe he works for Sgt. Stedenko.

Anyway Det. Kendrick’s master plan to foil Team’s winning road trip came unraveled Sunday afternoon as Nick Markakis’ ferociously struck grounder ticked off constabular mitt into shallow center field and Jim Johnson’s sinker left Howard and his moustache at home plate for final out.

Moustaches like that are dead giveaway.

Fans of Team learned a lot about 2012 vintage on this newly ended road trip through three cities where dreams of winning win percentage often go to die.

First and foremost, fans of Team did not see any listless losing streaks. Terminating losing streaks before they blossom is hallmark of well-coached, motivated squads.

We also saw Team dodge veritable Rogue’s Gallery of Oriole Killers including, but not limited to, Jose Bautista, Alex Rios, Paul Konerko and Vernon Wells — not to mention presumptive Oriole-killer Albert Pujols.

And we see where Adam Jones is trying to add rampant base-thieving to his list of tricks. Per Joe and Fred, he’s getting lessons from Brian Roberts on how to steal third base. Jonesie needs another lesson or two because he made second out at third base in second inning Sunday.

(Of course Mark Reynolds was up so who could blame him. Reynolds certainly wasn’t picking him up. Reynolds couldn’t pick up a ______ in a _________* these days.)

Very importantly we learned — not for first time — that Jonesie will blow bubble at any given moment. Here he is, base-thiefage in progress, firing air pocket into wad of Double Bubble:

Image via FS West

It’s important to blow bubbles and to appear nonchalant when you’re on thieving mission with Officer Kendrick on patrol just steps away.

We also saw continuation of Capt. Nicky’s “more vocal” attitude about balls and strikes and assume it translates to clubhouse.

Maybe it does not but he’s looking mighty put-upon these days when Umpires, presumably anxious to get to Early Bird specials on Sunday afternoons across this fine land of ours, try to run him on pitches that ARE NOT STRIKES.

Weltschmertz via MASN

Getting back to Reynolds for moment. He is turning into one of about four total singularities on roster from which no unfavorable outcome can escape. Blog won’t trouble you to name list of said Time-Space Continuums since it’s not exactly revelatory.

Maybe a couple of them including Reynolds come around to contribute but in a way it’s a good thing because this Team has PLENTY OF ROOM to make changes with NO DOWNSIDE AT ALL should it need to.

Blog also couldn’t help but notice that Buck is taking dugout steps backwards these days. Those knees must be really screwed up. This also could explain why starting pitchers are staying deeper into games. Nobody wants to be THE GUY who makes Buck climb those damned steps!

* too early to think of something clever

immediate comparisOn

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Other night Blog of Team was thinking of money-making ideas. How about a “Bring your own patty” burger chain called Pattie’s? You pay a low price for bun and fixins and they cook your patty to spec.

Image via KIRO

Adam Jones doesn’t dream about Big Score. He already won Talent Lottery. Maybe he could be Pattie’s angel investor with $50 million, minimum, in future contract value he likely has earned with this catch.

Image via KIRO

It drew immediate comparison to Willie Mays’ catch at Polo Grounds in 1954. But, as MASN analyst Jim Palmer pointed out, “At the Polo Grounds, Mays never hits the wall.”*

Image via KIRO

Adam goes a bit Nightclub with two-fingers-up pose as he holds up baseball. Adam is very “media-savvy.” And he’s certainly left his 2010 annus horriblis in past.

Then he sent Team home from West Coast Massacre on wings of game-winning, upper deck home run.  And Team now has four starters from whom fans can expect win on Any Given Day taking control of rotation. So there’s still hope Team can finally slay elusive questing beast known simply as .500.

Once Beast is Slain, Sky is Limit.

* Palmer likes to speak in present tense about events that happen in recent past. It sounds erudite.

adam jOne$

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Remember last April when Sgt. Maj. Poobah MacPhail told Blog of Team and other blogs that 2010 would be big year for Adam Jones and possible contract extension?

MacP. noted (pharaphrasing) that…

While some teams can afford to evaluate non-free agent talent for as long as 5 years, the Orioles feel their window is about 3+ years.

Blog guesses verdict on Jonesie is very nearly in with yesterday’s news of single-year, $3.25 million deal that avoided salary arbitration and contract extension both.

Assuming stance toward Jones hasn’t changed and that Jonesie stays true to production level from first 470 games, Blog guesses you’ll see Team either attempt to extend him to something modest (4 years / $24m range?) before All-Star break (an unlikely scenario) or package him in trade.

Or course, if Jonesie comes out gangbusters early this year, then Team has different problem — not necessarily a “bad problem.”

Depending where Jones ends up in Team’s new-look lineup, he could be on tap for big jump in production. If, for example, he ends up in three-hole ahead of Derrek Lee, Luke Scott and Mark Reynolds, Jonesie, known as a free swinger, is going to get more pitches to hit, as they say.

Then again, Andy is too sly a fox to let lineup-induced production jump get him too excited.

Blog wonders if Jonesie’s occasional defensive lapses last year (probably forgiveable to an extent given how bad Team was overall) might have been part of reason why an extension was passed over for moment.

In Blog’s heart, Blog wants to see Jonesie reach full potential in Orioles uni and be part of winning formula, but in Blog’s head, Blog sees Jonesie’s future in Baltimore as being murky.

the endangered willOw flycatcher

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Ze Wayvord Odeo: Kevin Millwood and Adam Jones for David Wright
El Met: Is that a real trade or a proposed trade?
Ze Wayvord Odeo: Apparently it’s real rumor. Mets want Millwood
El Met: Great, another aging vet
Ze Wayvord Odeo: They’re shocked they’re still in it and want to upgrade
El Met: Doubt they’ll do it, Wright is the face of the team
Ze Wayvord Odeo: You’d have CF for next 6 years
El Met: But they already have Carlos Beltran if he ever comes back
Ze Wayvord Odeo: Beltran can play 2nd base
  (Ok, that was joke)
El Met: Haha
Probably better than Luis Castillo
Ze Wayvord Odeo: Wouldn’t do that trade if [Blog] was Mets … UNLESS had Adrian Gonz. in teh bag first
See how [Blog] did that? [Blog] should be GM.
El Met: True
I feel I should be a GM as well
Ze Wayvord Odeo: Agreed
El Met: Couldn’t be worse than Omar Minaya
Ze Wayvord Odeo: At press avails., you could compare baseball to the E.S.A.
Mess with Mike Lupica’s head
El Met: Good idea, say things like “Luis Castillo is the southwestern willow flycatcher of the Mets”