whO’s this gerk geeter guy?

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Your home for All-Star Game in-game rhyme-O-mat*. They’re coming you schnocks! But read older ones if you bored or impatient

8:07 p.m.
Gone is McCarver; going is Jeter …
Blog will not revel with celebratory meter!

8:18 p.m.
Erin Andrews is looking most fit
She hawks products that help you shit

8:28 p.m.
Jetes walks up to the strains of Bob Sheppard
At 40 he no longer can run like a leopard

8:38 p.m.
The AL Bats are smashing the ball furiously
I’m not sure Wainwright is taking this surriously

8:52 p.m.
Utley answers with a run-scoring double
Chase promptly scores and Lester’s in trouble

9:08 p.m.
“Economic changes” and “competitive balance”
Outgoing commish with the sports-biz parlance

9:25 p.m.
The broadcast team is sending Jetes hugs
Derek, on base, gets marauded by bugs

9:44 p.m.
In MLB, Viagra has a beautiful friend
Blog hopes the boner ads someday will end

10:07 p.m
Puig 0-for3 and has struck out thrice
Nor did his outfield effort suffice

10:22  p.m.
Take me to the bar and tell me a tale
Just don’t fucking buy me a Redd’s Apple Ale

10:53 p.m.
It’s late in the night and prime-time is done
That explains why the Mets player’s on

11:07 p.m.
Oakland is cute in the mid-summer haze
But Autumn will yield some furious A’s

11:21 p.m.
Wainwright admits he grooved one for Jeets
Explains how the old man got one of his heets

11:23 p.m.
The AL wins for a second straight year
A fresh NL losing streak kicks into gear

11:39 p.m.
Wainwright backtracks on throwing that heater
But it’s too late to recant on #PipeShots and #Jeter


* which apparently is returning after a four-year hiatus? where does the rhyme time go?

dylan’s ancestral hOme

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Bolg of Team: Do you like the All-Star game as much as I do? Some MLB fans can take or leave it. But I really get into it

Guy le Chats: I love it. It makes me feel like a little kid. It was such a strange feeling for there to not be baseball games

Bolg of Team: [Mrs. Wayward Oriole] is away on business and no baseball. Haha. I had NO IDEA what to do. It was pretty funny. Finally I was like OK can do like stuff I’ve been meaning to do stuff

Guy le Chats: I know! Well, the thing is when your team is on pace for 100 losses you don’t quite let the nightly game get in the way of stuff you need to do the way you do when you’re in the hunt

Bolg of Team: Tru

Guy le Chats: So accurate dude. But yeah I’m pumped. Both lineups feel particularly dirty this year. AL more so. That 1-7 is insane

Bolg of Team: AL will win. Wainwright won’t channel his deepest wizardry. And Oakland is up and down the AL squad like rats on a ship. They know how bad they need home field. AL 6, NL 2. FINAL   *
What sayeth you?

Guy le Chats: Because I’m a god damn partisan – 4-2 NL. Waino and Kershaw combine for an excessive amount of pitching for an ASG. Like 5 innings combined. Cause Matheny’s like, nah, don’t care, can’t care. And Stanton hits a ball to Bob Dylan’s ancestral home

* prediction eerily correct, except for final score

we can’t even dO that

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Blogsk of Teamsk: You’ve seen the Deadspin gonna guess

StinkyPhillyChee6969: Duh

Blogsk of Teamsk: So great and sad

StinkyPhillyChee6969: So sad

Blogsk of Teamsk: And brilliant

StinkyPhillyChee6969: And sad

Blogsk of Teamsk: Yeah

StinkyPhillyChee6969: That’s the real shame of this team. Even a team with sh*t, older stars that can’t produce can put together decent relievers. Like, take minor league starters that throw strikes and remove two of their pitches. It’s not that complicated. We can’t even do that sh*t
And then our players DO produce and the bullpen f*cking sh*ts out a little white flag and buries itself in a pile of sh*t

Blogsk of Teamsk: It’s a pile o sh*t

StinkyPhillyChee6969: Why the f*ck Jake Diekman was in the game I’ll never know. Why do you throw a slider there? Make him beat you on something hard. [Dan Uggla] is a .180 hitter for the last two years

Blogsk of Teamsk: You’re not ready for humorous brilliance. I can see that. You just need a little time

Blogsk of Teamsk: This will take edge off

StinkyPhillyChee6969: Bahahahaha. It did!

Blogsk of Teamsk: Haha

StinkyPhillyChee6969: Cause you think it’s the Randall Simon vid. And then no. The poor guy just face-plants on his own

Blogsk of Teamsk: #Chorizo’d

an interesting enOugh read

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Deadspin’s rant about the A-Rod situation, which Blog of Team supposes stands in for all sorts of hipster arguments pushing for the legal use of drugs in sports, is an interesting enough read — as is everything on that great blog — but the problem is, unlike many great Deadspin reads, it contains too many factual errors to be taken seriously.

For example:

“Here’s something you might not realize about the case of Alex Rodriguez: There’s no physical evidence at all tying him to the purchase or use of any prohibited drug”

Wrong! There is physical evidence, obviously, and the arbitrator had every right to consider it. The writer kind of goes back on that claim but then says there is no physical evidence because he doesn’t like the credibility of the guy who provided the physical evidence.

Drug testing is “a moral regime, dedicated to the purification of the body as a way of purifying the mind.”

Wrong! Drug testing is in place to protect those who don’t wish to use drugs at varying levels of the game from undue peer, player, coach and industry pressure. It’s also in place to make sure cheaters can’t use drugs to gain an unfair advantage.

“Alex Rodriguez, to be clear, wasn’t suspended because anyone could prove he did anything; he was suspended because there was good reason to think he wanted or tried to do something. He was convicted, in other words, of a thoughtcrime.”

Wrong! Alex wasn’t convicted of anything. He was suspended under a drug-testing regime he agreed to and his suspension was upheld in binding arbitration.

Said regime “essentially makes contracts conditional, fully guaranteed only so long as the commissioner believes that the player is thinking sufficiently pure thoughts.”

Wrong! Baseball has the strongest contract protections of any major sport. It took a galactic douche like A-Rod to run afoul of them.