jeremy spOke in class

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It has come to Wayward O’s attention that Camden Yards is going Green.


If Rumors are True Stadium’s ANTI-WARMING initiative will Feature:

  • bike rack for guthrie
  • meat rack for milwood*
  • dip n dot solar powered cooling coils
  • boog-exhaust and Thorne-Aire™ collection ports
  • free composting for all MIDDLE RELIEVERS

Mr. Albert Gore would be so proud!!!

* oh relax. Wayward O is only KIDDING AROUND

alright, whO’s hair is in the drain?

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Wayward O thinks somebody better go out and get a shitload of DranO!

Image via MASN

Tee hee hee … either somebody pulled practical joke for ages or there’s too many sunflower seeds in drain!

tales Of malfeasance

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CubFanX: i don’t know how interested you are in this
The Wayward O: yeah. he and maese were sh*t canned via telephone last week
CubFanx: well i figured you knew that but his tale is interesting
The Wayward O: “the people ultimately responsible, for the gutting of the paper and the callous treatment of its employees, whether they were in the office at the time or not, are a plane flight away. Clearly, to them ‘Baltimore Sun’’ is just a line on a balance sheet”
CubFanX: To get laid off over the phone at a game seems to prove that much
The Wayward O: i always liked steele. he is a good journo
CubFanX: I hate the Tribune Company
The Wayward O: sam zell ought to catch a beat down that’s f’sho
CubFanX: i hate that f*cker
The Wayward O: to think how many livelihoods he destoryed. how many tales of malfeasance won’t be told
CubFanX: ugh — poor newspapers

the baltimOre sun

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Revune Generating AD!!

Until you saw little headline that reads:

Sun Cuts Third of Newsroom

Among the cuts, according to city bloggers, were sometime Team-covering journos Bill Ordine and Rick Maese and less-often Team-covering journo David Steele. And that is truly sad. Wayward O’s heart goes out to all journos cut by paper today, not just the sportos.

And hopes brave, bankrupt newspaper finds a way to profit while still doing the news in Charm City!

Wayward O has question for readers: Which is more difficult, making newspapers profitable online, or getting Team back to October? Discuss…

baltimOre jerseys make debut

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adam jones, son! (tying game)


snoop zauny zaun

the greatest right fielder ever?

well that was fun. yay baltimore jerseys! images from this tv station via…

back On their side…

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very interesting quote & confirmation from bossman macphail in el papel del sol today re: the teixeira business:

“we made our offer, indicated that we were flexible and there was never any engagement back on their side.”

in other words, tex did not want to play in baltimore and fans who blame macphail for failure to sign him should revise and extend their remarks.