hip-hOp line dancing

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False necromancers who seek answers in bunk stats…

Are no match for sum-total of serendipity derived at unspeakable nexus of talent, luck and determination.

weet tees Off

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Look at Weet’s follow through! You know he can send it 300 yards down fairway.

Image via Team

Blog wonders if Matt thinks Tiger Woods is “beatable.” Also here is funny video about dumb Red Sox. My favorite things! Sure it’s a few months old but fond memories are worth reliving. Also in hope department, Matt likes what he is seeing early on from Brian Matusz.

“After having that difficult year last year, for him to have the ball come out of his hand the way it was today, I was impressed. He looked a lot like Matusz from 2010.” — via Sun

So we got that going for us. Which is nice.

su nOmbre es…

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majOr mike

“Right now, you’re the closer on this team, and we got you for the same reason that we got [Kevin] Millwood. You bring more than just the ability to pitch. You compete, you have experience, you can help the young guys, you can lead the way and I know you want the ball.” ~ TrembO