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Having filled in hole in rotation, and filled in batting lineup, and filled in collective psyche, it’s not so difficult to imagine Team being up for big year.

They’re up for the Red Sox today at Ed Smith

The players all were clearly saddened by the untimely death of Monica Barlow. And they remain so. They were wearing t-shirts supporting a lung cancer foundation.

JJ, doing work pre-game

Do the Red Sox even have a mascot? I don’t trust teams that don’t have a mascot.

Tweet it, why don’t ya

making mOves that make sense

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Team of Blog rightly was being excoriated for listless off-season but, after a busy weekend celebrating our dearly departed founding fathers, Team also seems to have built depth into rotation, which now has better capacity to shape-shift over long season without scraping along surface of talent ocean.

Given Team’s checkered and chiseley past the last few months of criticism have been justifiied.

Now Team of Blog must get at least speculative credit for making moves that make sense at right time. Blog is very excited out spring training now because — it appears — at least seven or eight pitchers now will compete for starts.

While Blog of Team scoffs at notion that a roughly $50 million pitcher contract is “historic” or whatever — finds self wondering what decade some of these people dropping the history lingo live in — nevertheless the signing of Ubaldo Jimenez marks departure from past behavior in which Team rightly should have bolstered rotation and did not.

And signing of Suk-min Yoon from Korea also adds intrigue to rotational mix. But Yoon’s price-tag was so low, even by Oriolean standards, that if he ends up pitching in relief (closing perhaps?) he still will be seen as valuable as long as he’s effective. Let’s hope he’s game for a start every fifth day.

But, as Harvey Keitel once famously said … well you know what he said. Or maybe you don’t? [NSFW] To paraphrase: Let’s not take Team off the hook quite yet. On to phase two!

There’s more to do: Many folks in Blogs’phere don’t want to see Kendrys Morales as Oriole but if price is right Blog of Team formally endorses switch-hit DH with power pop in bat for team. Go get him — or make a trade for somebody else.

This horseshit where Team doesn’t have real DH is horseshit. In the AL, you DH. Nuff said.

what’s he dOing again?

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Friend of Blog of Team was hunting for Don Mattingly cards and found a 1984 Eddie complete with 29-year-old gum!

Don’t chew it! Okay chew it

Gum almost as venerated as Team’s World Series drought! Not to worry, Dan Duquette is, um — what’s he doing again? Pinching Petey’s pennies, that’s what!

dOg dipping

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Jake was shaky. But he’s still awesome though. Don’t worry about it.

Nice day for a ballgame.
Many people appear
to have had the same idea.

Know what’s not shaky? Camden Yards. Camden Yards is not shaky.

Local star
irradiates field
at game time.

Speaking of the heavens, Chris Davis was otherworldly. So good, in fact, his performance led Blog of Team to resort to profanity. Sorry about that, kids. Don’t use bad words!

Flacco? Obama? Ray Ray? Nope!
Nobody threw out the first pitch.
It was a fitting tribute to No. 4.

Buck said it was “one of those ‘I really want us to deliver’ days of the year.” (His comment, incidentally, was a copy editor’s quote-marking dream.)

Didn’t get a triple peanut this year.
Had to settle for the next-best thing.

The Nats gave up a 15-spot in Cincy. LoL Nats!

This is why people hate America.
Because we’re free to double dog dip.
Just try and stop us, Freedom Haters!

Team’s defense was good in spots. Lengthy discussions ensued in stands about how MLB infielders make tough plays look routine.

The whole time, I had this feeling
that somebody was watching me.

A profusion of Manny love was expressed.

He’s hitting a buck sixty seven though.

Great men, gone and departed, were remembered.

Earl. Brooks. Aubrey.

There was some lingering sadness about Brian Roberts not being in the lineup. But at least the prognosis isn’t completely bleak.

This kid tried hard
to win Fan of Game honors.
Next time, kid.

Afterwards, happy fans chose to put off fretting about Pedro Strop’s control until another day.

High fives and low fives.

Somebody had to lose.

The Hulk before the Hulk.

And all was well in Baltimore…

Clean up in aisle four please.

Another perfect Opening Day.

thOught bubbles

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Finally some news! Jonesie going to take up Andrew Bynum look! Computer-assisted preview!!!!!

Hoop Dreams

Oh also: Orioles off-season to edge of panic!!! WAIVER CLAIMZ? ARBY FIGHTZ? What nutty hijinx will Warehouse cook up next?

Can Ian Kinsler even grow a moustache and beard a la Nicky? Or does he rock five-a-side hockey soup strainer? Let Blog Bing that for you! SO MUCH BLINGIE POTENTIAL THERE ARE YOU LISTENING DAN DUQUETTE?!?!?!


thanks fOr everything

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Heart of Oriole order, in five games vs. Yankees:

J.J. Hardy
3 for 22

Adam Jones
2 for 23

Chris Davis
3 for 20

Matt Wieters
3 for 20

Mark Reynolds, the standout, at
3 for 19

So reports you may have read about Team not being able to get key hit are accurate.

Nevertheless, they were one bloop, one well-aimed grounder, one swinging bunt or one similar such outcome away from ALCS last night versus Mercenary Former All-Stars in Bronx.

So Congratulations to you, 2012 Baltimore Orioles. And thanks for everything.