jOe girardi is a galactic dimwit

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Donny Baseballs: Wait are these f*cktards really talking about banning shifts? I came in late on this idiotic narrative
Blog of Justice: God Blog hates them
Donny Baseballs: Like, the fuck?
Blog of Justice: Richard Neer on WFAN is the dolt-est of the dolts. He is a true flowing river of idiocy
They’ll stop shifting real quick if you do that for a week
Blog of Justice: They want off-sides in baseball! Soon the shift will be gone, and the DH will be in the NL, and baseball will be ruined. Where are you seeing this?
Donny Baseballs: Here  and here
Blog of Justice: So the Yankee manager with sixteen DH’s who only pull, and the shyte pull hitter, want to ban the shift
Donny Baseballs: On the team stacked with lefties because their dumb stadium has a 280-foot fence in right
Blog of Justice: You can’t just ban stuff you don’t like. Act like a man not a mouse. Such a pathetic sense of entitlement  It’s just selfish rationalization. That’s the worst part
Donny Baseballs: One thing baseball has going for is the main rules have remained unchanged for like 130 years. Small changes here and there, equipment changes, mound changes, contact changes — but limiting where players can go on the field is insane
Blog of Justice: How do you enforce that rule anyway?
Donny Baseballs: Right? If someone takes off toward the right of second base mid-pitch, is that a dead play now?
Blog of Justice: Idiocy
Make your views as public as possible. Baseball watches and decides based on fan reax to stuff like this.
Know what the Yanks didn’t want to ban? Steroids! Torre looked the other way for a decade. Now their fokkin’ shyte new stadium is half empty and they’re saddled with bad contracts and they’re blaming the shift!
Donny Baseballs: Yeah it’s retarded
Game is evolving in super fun ways, and shifts are a huge part of it. Advanced shifting is way more responsible for the    increased pitching stats over the past few years than just some miraculous improvement in pitching
Blog of Justice: Anyone who doesn’t like the shift simply doesn’t deserve to be called a fan.
They can go watch soccer and bring their off-sides whistles

we’ll see whO has nuanced views in the bread line

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Blog of Soccer Amazement: Thomas Müller has three goals?
Brock Tune: That appears to be the case.
That’s a lot for one man in one match.
For context Argentina’s Lionel Messi, considered to be one of the best players in the world, has only scored two goals in his entire World Cup career
Blog of Soccer Amazement: I wonder if he’s tired after kicking the ball so many times
Brock Tune: These are some of the best athletes in the world
Blog of Soccer Amazement: True?
Brock Tune: Very rare to see a fat soccer player.
Almost never happens
Blog of Soccer Amazement: LoL
“I wonder if he’s tired of kicking the ball so many times.”
You can use that one if you want
Brock Tune: I’ll put it in the hopper.
Blog of Soccer Amazement: It’s come to attention of Blog that there is ties in soccer
Brock Tune: Correct.
Only in the preliminary rounds here.
Not when there must be a winner
Blog of Soccer Amazement: Don’t give me your mumbo jumbo, sir
Blog of Soccer Amazement knows a Communist plot when Blog of Soccer Amazement sees one
Brock Tune: Soccer is not a Communist
It is a Marxist-Leninist
Blog of Soccer Amazement: We’ll see who has nuanced views in the bread line
Brock Tune: My record of patriotism is beyond reproach, but I am here to tell you I’ve got some funny feelings about rooting against a country with a population smaller than that of Texas
Blog of Soccer Amazement: Blog just going to pretend Blog didn’t see that chat
Actual prediction — U.S. beats Ghana, 2-0

false nOtes

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As Team’s embarrassing, lazy, chiseling and fruitless off-season continues, and as we fans await help for solid core of hitters, pitcher(s) and defensive standouts, Blog undertakes to help others understand value of talent in Major League Baseball.

As pretext to said discourses, Blog takes notice of many and varied false notes sung by some (though by no means all) Baltimore faithful. These apologists sound on and on about a “crazy” or “overpriced” or “distorted” market price for free-agent talent.

[Subtext being that said players are best not added to Team because they are too expensive and that their demands presumably outpace said “market.”

If a player demands too many years, he is too expensive. If a player demands to much money per year, our friends insist, he also is too expensive. Any combination thereof, in addition, counts in this over-posh category, in which Team cannot possibly partake.

All of this silly reasoning, of course, accepts as true the spurious suggestions advanced by Majority Owner of Team of Blog, who argues, again and again, that Team cannot possibly afford to bring on such risk (despite basic truth that Team must, necessarily, operate in world of risk.)]

As owner declaims Day to be Night, and Night Day, some non-negligible cross-section of apologist-fan accepts this as true. And Blog watches with occasional sickness, this off-season especially, as Team cedes on-field answers for on-field questions, even as direct competitors do opposite: replacing uncertainty with certainty.

Anyway, on to larger point: Blog wonders what advocates of Team’s chiseling ways understand the term “market” to be — beyond obvious notion that some things are cheap and others are expensive. So, a few basic facts about MLB’s “market” for ballplayers. In this market:

– the number of bidders is static
– the amount of free-agent talent is fairly static
– revenue throughout baseball is on rise
– revenue is projected to keep rising
– U.S. dollars are shrinking in value due to inflation
– owners are wealthy, and
– players, rightfully buoyed by a strong union, are commanding their share

That’s a “market” in which not buying anything seems a strange market strategy, especially in universe of 30 market participants all vying for the same goal, year after year, amid a limited number of legitimate commodities.

Just by contrast, here’s what this market is not:

– what Peter G. Angelos and / or Dan Duquette assert it to be
– what their apologists declare that it somehow should be

Blog has said it before, and will repeat it. Team has strong core. But it seems like a curiously poor market bet not to bullishly buy, or trade for, proven talent, thereby augmenting core’s chances.

One legitimate market choice for an owner beset by high costs, of course, is to cash out. Are you listening, Pete?

lay lOw till the heat passes

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Alta Vega Pega Pega: U heard about the Tampa Mystery Monkey?
El Oriole Caprichoso: The monkey was wilin’
Alta Vega Pega Pega: The monkey “eluded authorities” like prison break
For years!
F*#%ing Florida cops.
El Oriole Caprichoso: Who’s the monkey, really? LOL LOL
Now he’s all smacked up in a cage.
Alta Vega Pega Pega: The monkey’s the monkey. He’s always been the monkey.
The cops/monkey huntaz just look incompetent.
And I just love stories about animals getting over on Floridians.
Did you hear about the manatee that got indicted in that pump and dump stock scam?
El Oriole Caprichoso: The Seagrass LLC case?
Alta Vega Pega Pega: Sea Cow Investments LLC
He swam away slowly when cops tried to apprehend
El Oriole Caprichoso: A sea cow won’t ever run
Looks too suspicious.
Alta Vega Pega Pega: His instinct was probably to stand and fight but he knew he was outnumbered
El Oriole Caprichoso: That’s why he tucked into a warm water outflow near the nuclear reactor
Lay low till the heat passes.
Alta Vega Pega Pega: And call Monkeylink
El Oriole Caprichoso: – don’t wait for your monkey. Get it today!
Bail / payday ape loans / monkey surburban NIMBY litigation / securities and white collar defense
866 Bo No Bos!

dear Os fans…

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Last night (oh thank you Derrek Lee, thank you Ryan Adams and JJ Hardy and everybody else) was a fine little win, with a full-ish Yard, nearly reminiscent of something one might call “good old days,” if there were in fact such old, good days … were there? There might have been.

But Blog has a bone to pick with you, Os fans. Supposedly you’re among most knowledgeable fans in game and supposedly Baltimore, despite its long losing slump, is a “baseball town.”

So, Os fans, you really, REALLY should know better than to start “Wave” in bottom of sixth inning of 4-4 game with Nick Markakis and Adam Jones trying to make something happen.

With effective Reds’ reliever Sam LeCure pitching to Nick, about halfway through at-bat, Wave abomination started. With a 1-1 count, a clearly distracted Nick called timeout and backed out of batter’s box.

Nick then took a ball, then fouled off a pitch and, with a 2-2 count and Wave going full bore, you could clearly see him struggling to keep his focus.

Then, with count still 2-2, Nick is forced to foul off pitch whilst [drunken?] screaming Wave is proceeding around Yard DIRECTLY BEHIND HIM.

This is when Nick looked out to stands: Look on his face said it all:

Image via MASN

Then with some lady dancing night-club style behind him, further egging  Wavers along, Nick struck out swinging.

Maybe he woulda struck out anyway.

a little sOre

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Here’s Mariners catcher Miguel Olivo sliding safely into first in extras last night…

Via Root Sports Northwest

Good stuff. Wait, what? You had to leave game? That’s weird. Same thing happens to Brian Roberts — like, a lot.

Meanwhile Oakland has shown it can beat AAA Norfolk: Brad Bergesen, Robert Andino, Craig Tatum and Ryan Adams are no match for As.

Blog wonders if Brian Matusz could have beaten them last night. Guess we’ll never know. Next week for Matusz, it looks like, provided, you know, he’s not still “a little sore.”